Proud – Song – ography Challenge

I have discovered a new for me that is. Kathy at You’ll Shoot Your Eye Out’s song-ography challenge. The theme this week is Proud. I am proud of lots of things….my family especially. But since they’re not crazy about having their pics on my blog ( I do occasionally manage to squeeze one or two in!) I chose something I made (and sold) some time ago. It was a one off – a painted cat pendant. I was almost hoping it didn’t sell. So here it is.

 catface_smWEBProudCATFAceWEBLinking to song-ography challenge Proud


6 thoughts on “Proud – Song – ography Challenge

  1. Oh this is just awesome! I admit up front, I am not a cat person. BUT, that doesn’t stop one from appreciating something that is beautiful :). Thanks for joining in at Song-ography. PLEASE feel free to repost this next week. I am so glad you are joining in on the fun. I always post NEXT week’s song at the bottom of the current week link-up’s post.

  2. And well you should be proud of that piece of art … You make so many wonderful things, I don’t know how you part with any of them. What is the chance of you making another? Or do you try to preserve the integrity of the piece by not repeating it. Nice post, Lori … and it could fit in this week … “It’s funny how its the little things in life
    That mean the most …
    Be well Lori …

    Andrea @ From The Sol

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