Mandarin Orange Monday 96


Country Houses – Today and Yesterday

The countryside is scattered with abandoned, dilapidated  shacks..but  you will also find majestic mansions as well as quirky suburban houses (the last two were actually directly across the road from each other.

These houses are all in the Oberon-Bathurst area of NSW, where we recently spent a few rambling, relaxing days.


Collage of images – Photoshop sharpened and Curves and Levels adjustments


The Mansion, the Suburban House, the Country Cottage and the Dilapidated Former Farmhouse.

 Linking to Our World Tuesday 

Processed using Photoshop. Hue/Saturation and Selective Colour Changes.

PS Photo Filter – Warming


Linking to Weekly Top Shot


Linking to Nature Footstep Catching the Light


Linking to Sweet Shot 



Photoshop Filter Gallery – Poster Edges. PS Shadows/Highlights adjustments



 Further processing using Nik Color Efex and Topaz Filters

7D-OldREdHouseWEB 8D-Oberon_DilapHouseWEB


Sections cropped  and enlarged. More play with Nik and Topaz filters

9E-KelsoMansionWEB 10E-Kelso_suburbHouseWEB 11E-OldREdHouseWEBB 12E-OldREdHouseWEB 13E-Oberon_DilapHouseWEB


Images combined and transparencies of layers adjusted.  Nik and Topaz filters


Linking to Nature Footstep Abstract





Thank you for your sharing your work last week on MoM and for your comments. Matty was particularly pleased:)  And thank you for letting me share a happy family moment with you.

The time has come again for us to see you work. Perhaps you have been on a holiday too like me..or maybe a family celebration? The subject of course is up to  you…but don’t forget to make it orange -ish and do a little playing with an editing application if it is a photograph. Of course no need to change anything if you are photographing your painting, drawing, fibre art etc! This is where you can find more information about MoM and links to past collections.

Soon it will be 100! Any suggestions for a celebration?

17 thoughts on “Mandarin Orange Monday 96

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  2. I like the fancy building with the yellow sky and filters to make it look like a drawing, and the old shed with the leaves transformed into an orange mist.

  3. The contrasts are amazing … what a great place to visit. I think I must be an old soul because I love the old farm and all the stories it tells of the hardships the people endured. A mansion is a mansion … if you have lots of money you can build a manshion to impress all of your peers. Of course you managaged to make the mansion more gracious with your edits but I still love the farm and my favorite would be the last picture of the farm standing alone with the beautiful orange tree and the azure sky. Love it Lori … as always 🙂

    Andrea @ From The Sol

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    • Sounds like a great idea Nick! I wonder how long it would take me to decide though….every week I have trouble deciding which ones to put in… Actually it would be a very good exercise for me. Thanks:)

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