Mandarin Orange Monday 94



I hope you have all had a good week and that those of you in the Northern Hemisphere are  enjoying the Spring you have been so looking forward to. Our Autumn is quite mild so far..but not for long I fear. Still, what we call cold here in Sydney, those in the north would call a warm summer day, probably.

My week has been busy, teaching gorgeous  little eight year olds, and of course enjoying the company of (and being taught by) little Matty. He asked me “Did you crochet that top yourself Nanna?”. I nearly fell over… I barely know what crochet is myself. Of course I had to disappoint him and admit to buying it.

And speaking of family, today is a very important day in my family. It is my husband’s birthday today… one of those BIG ones. So Happy Birthday Graham! During the week I will take some pics of his presents and see what I can do with them. I know already that there will be one very appropriate one for Mandarin Orange Monday. …but….shhh…it  is a secret until tonight when the family celebrates.

My topic today is boats. Lots of us love boats, Graham included.  I was going to give him a kayak for his birthday…but he wondered if it might be to heavy to lug around in his  now “old age”. We’ll see…..  😉 And maybe next year a ride on that sailing boat I photographed!

The boats are actually pics I took from the Manly Ferry, on Sydney Harbour, a little while ago. We were lucky enough to see both a sailing ship and a huge ocean liner being guided by a tug boat.

I have prepared 33 pics!!!  I always do too many…I know lots of you do the same. The really hard part is choosing just a few … decisions, decisions.

The pics were taken with my IPhone. The first group have just been sharpened and had Curve and Level adjustments in Photoshop.








Linking to Weekly Top Shot 

 Now for the “Orangification” process. With Photoshop, I adjusted  Hue/Saturation, Selective Colour and Shadows/Highlights.


Linking to Nature Footstep Catching the Light


The next group have been processed using Photoshop Filter Gallery. 




Playtime – Cropping and then using Nik Color Efex in some and Topaz Filters in others.



And more Play – using Photoshop Filters, Topaz and Nik Color Efex. I also experimented with layers and transparencies and “pasting into” areas I had selected using the Magic Wand.



Linking to Paint Party Friday


Linking with Nature Footstep Abstract


Linking to Creative Every Day


I wonder if anyone else has used boats or water as a theme this week? Perhaps we will inspire each other for next week.

If you are not sure about how to add your pic to the linky list please  visit the about Mandarin Orange Monday  page You will also find links there to previous MoM’s. We are almost up to 100!! Definitely there will have to be some sort of celebration on that week!

And don’t forget  – process your pics – even if it is just a little (e.g.. making it more or less saturated) or a lot (completely abstract artwork). Remember too…all sorts of art are welcome, as are comments on my blog as well as others’ 🙂

20 thoughts on “Mandarin Orange Monday 94

  1. you really are doing a lot 🙂 I only have one. On the other hand you can use it for the party tonight. It is suitable for a gardenparty when you have a warm Autumn evening. 🙂 Have fun all of you. 🙂

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  4. I always enjoy your artistic use of filters, my favorite this week is the tall ship on the orange waters, the mast and sails are nicely enhanced. I tried my hand at some filters too.

  5. Nice series, and I especially liked the grey/orange treatment, which gave teh pictures an old-time air. My fave is the fourth from the end!

  6. Great job on the abstract versions of your photos. Although I know photography can be an art, I enjoy seeing how one has used the creative process to manipulate them into something else.

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