Mandarin Orange Monday 93



It is Mothers’ Day in Australia today…which means it is also Nannas’ Day too…a double whammy in fact. Today we gathered for lunch at a cafe – a mummy and two nannas and the “children” and grandchild. Guess what one a nanna and the grandchild had for lunch? Pancakes with ice-cream and strawberries! Whose idea was it? Not telling! But I did have spinach, parsley, ginger and lettuce juice before I left and little Matty had eaten a healthy breakfast.And after all, it was a special day:)



Note Gramp’s healthy veggie turkish roll beside him.

Earlier in the week it was a far more civilised breakfast.. toast and juice….at Matty’s Pre School. Mummy and the two Nannas were the special guests..along with all the others. Of course the two Nannas took lots of photos and here are mine. Don’t you love the magic garden? And the  owl?


All  the pics were taken with my IPhone..I didn’t want to be too obvious a proud grandmother with my huge camera. However, I wasn’t anonymous, two of the teachers had been students at the school I taught at for nearly 20 years…. they were very likely in my Year 7 Art class. Also, another  student of mine, one I remember very fondly, had sent her two children there the year before last.


The Magic Garden images are almost straight from the camera, only a little editing  in Photoshop – cropping, adjusting levels and contrast. I did, however, use Topaz to improve clarity.


3_A_garden_handWEB 4_A_fairies_WEB


The lockers, with names and symbols. Matty’s symbol was a butterfly. He always did enjoy the finale of the Very Hungry Caterpillar!




And every child’s favourite – the sand pit. It was huge!

7_A_sandpit4_WEB 8_A_sandpit3_WEB


These pics were transformed using Nik Color Efex – Photo Styliser and then adjusted using Photoshop Hue/Saturation, Selective Colour and Photo Filter (Warming).

9__B_garden2_WEB 10__COMBINE_Bsandpit1&2_WEB


Linking to Our World Tuesday 

Next I used PhotoShop Filter Gallery to make changes. The first included two filters, Paint Daubs and Poster Edges. The remainder, my favourite, Poster Edges.


PS Paint Filter Gallery – Paint Daubs and Poster Edges.

12___C_owl_WEB 13___C_lockers_1_WEB 14___C_lockers2_WEB

The following images were processed using Nik Color Efex and Topaz Filters


Nik Color Efex – Polaroid Transfer


Topaz Clean Filter -Skin Even.


Topaz Clean – Curly Smooth Filter.


Topaz Clean – Cartoon Filter.


Playtime – with filters, layers and masking.


Linking to Nature Footstep’s Catching the Light



21E_sandpit4-WEB 22E_lockers2b_WEB

Linking to Nature Footstep’s Abstract Wednesday


 Linking to Paint Party Friday 

I know it it is a fairy garden but I still haven’t been able to get The Beatles “Octopus’ Garden out of my head since seeing the magic garden. Matty and even danced to it. I had to stand on a “stage” (footstool”) of course.


mom_badgewebThank you to everyone who took part in MoM last week…and of course, thank your comments. Now, once  again, it is your turn to share your work again.

Please read here if you are not sure how to join in Mandarin Orange Monday.

21 thoughts on “Mandarin Orange Monday 93

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  3. I love picture of yummy food because I can enjoy it without the worry of calories … sounds like you have had a wonderful week. Your pictures are full of joy and the magic garden is indeed magic. I love it all and that Matty’s symbol is a butterfly … how perfect. I have two favorites … the edited foot in the sand says so much about the fun in a sand box … and then you know, of course , I would love the owl … I have a little girl owl sitting in the other room and she is the sweetest little screech owl … just like your picture:) Happy Mother’s and Nanna’s day, Lore …

    Andrea @ From the Sol

  4. I enjoy your art work so much, it is very inspirational. The little owl is adorable, and I like the treatments of the pottery fairy house, each gets better, until the last where it seems to glow with flame!

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  6. I always enjoy seeing your amazing creativity. What fun to visit your grandchild’s school. My only grandchild just recently celebrated her first birthday and I’m nearly 70. I hope I manage to visit her school!!!

  7. Hi Lori-Glad you enjoyed your Mother’s and Nanna’s Day day! I like the last set of images best-the first one looks on fire! The textures are interesting and the colors are subtle but accented in the right places.

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