Mandarin Orange Monday 92



I have always loved succulents because of the way they look, but also because I actually have had  some success growing them…sometimes. Most of the pics below are taken looking down from a balcony…the same balcony from which I saw the little wallaby. It was just a simple potted plant, with a fallen orange leaf. The others are of a beautiful red flowering cactus.

These pics I sharpened, adjusted Curves and cropped using  Photoshop.

1_B-1OrangeLeaf_Clsup-WEB 2_B-2OrangeLeaf2_andSucc-WEB 3_B-3OrangeLeafSucc-WEBB 4_B-4OrangeLeaf.bluePot-WEB 5_B-4RedFlwrSucc_close-WEB 6_B-5RedFlwrSuccWEB


Linking to I Heart Macro 


In this series  I adjusted Hue/Saturation – desaturating  green, cyan and blue. Next I played with Selective Colour, increasing the amount of yellow in red, magenta in yellow and yellow and magenta in black as well as decreasing magenta in red and cyan in yellow.

7_C-1OrangeLeaf_Clsup-WEB 8_C-2OrangeLeaf2_andSucc-WEB 9_C-3OrangeLeafSucc-WEB 10_C-4OrangeLeaf.bluePot-WEB 11_C-4RedFlwrSucc_close-WEB

Sharing with Nature Footstep Catching the Llight




Now it was time for experimentation with Photoshop Filter Gallery.


PS Filter Gallery – Accented Edges and Ink Outlines.


PS Filter Gallery. Poster Edges.


PS Filter Gallery. Paint Daubs – Sparkle.


Playtime –  using Nik Color Efex and Topaz Filters.


Topaz Clean – Cartoon and Nik Color Efex – Relfector Effects and Glamor Glow.



Nik Color Efex – Polaroid Transfer.


Play with filters and layers.

Sharing with Nature Footstep Abstract


Thank you for sharing your art last always it is such fun to wake up on Monday morning and see what you have done. And thank you for your comments, both here and on each other’s blogs.

So the time has come again for you to show us what orange art you have been working on this week.

Information about Mandarin Orange Monday and how to add your pic is here.

29 thoughts on “Mandarin Orange Monday 92

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  3. Lori, good to find you on NF Photography … you of all people I know should be posting on her meme’s … they are often your kind of art. Of course, I love your light capture … Hope I see you again over here.

    Andrea @ From the Sol

    • I usually do Andrea…but lately I have been so late posting them. I love NF’s blog and photography. I will stay up a bit later in future…. early nights in bed reading – mean late posts in the morning:(

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  5. Great series- I like the the look of the flower in orange hues and always love the effect of sparkle paintdaubs! I especially like the third to the last one- the light yellow and cream colors and the straw-like effect. Thanks for hosting us every week!

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