Mandarin Orange Monday 91


Circular Quay, Sydney – Up Close

Circular Quay is always busy – it is the ferry wharf serving Sydney Harbour. From here you can catch a ferry to the Zoo, Manly and many other places around Sydney.

To the left is the Sydney Harbour Bridge, the Historic Rocks Area and the Museum of Contemporary Art. To the right is the Sydney Opera House leading to the beautiful Botanic Gardens. And behind is the railway, an expressway and finally the commercial district with its tall buildings.

Today I am showing you just a little of Circular Quay – up close and without the ferries, tourists, commuters and street performers.

The following images have been cropped to either a square or 4×5, and edited using Photoshop – Hue / Saturation and Selective Colour adjustments, Curves and Tone changes,  Increased Vibrance and PS Photo Filter – Warming.



1. Fire Hydrant at the Wharf




The second series I once again used my favourite PS Filter Gallery – Poster Edges. I also used Dark Strokes. Curves and Levels were further adjusted and Vibrance increased and Edges Sharpened.







And finally, Playtime, using Nik Color Efex and Topaz Clean Filters. I also using the PS Magic Wand  and Selection Tool to remove areas and “Paste Into” to combine images. In some I copied and pasted the same image, rotating them and increasing the transparency  each time.




Linking to Nature Footstep’s Catching the Light



Linking to Nature Footstep’s Abstract 

Thanks everyone for your art and your comments last week.  What have you in store for us today?

If you are new to Mandarin Orange Monday…you can find out how to join in here.

All you need to do is add your orange image to the linky list below. Remember though. if it is a photograph experiment a little (or a lot) to make some changes. And of course, all kinds of art and media are encouraged!


16 thoughts on “Mandarin Orange Monday 91

  1. I enjoy seeing what you do with your images, filters, and special effects. I’m trying to get inspired enough to try some myself, I played around with some but they didn’t save, I don’t know what happened. Maybe next time.

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  3. It is that artist’s eye you have that sees art in the mundane … and what you do with it never ceases to amaze me. Who would have ever thought … barbed wire, pipes, posts. You are just simply awesome and I say that because I love what you do and how you do it. Sorry I am late posting … I was ready early yesterday and you weren’t, then I forgot until just now. Busy, Busy life 🙂

    Andrea @ From The Sol

    • Thanks Andrea:) Actually I messed up the schedule thing of the post. I had it set up to post automatically Sunday night (my time) but forgot to set it to Public….so it only published for me! And went to bed early without checking:( Anyway…you’re not late and i love seeing your work!

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