Mandarin Orange Monday 90



More images from the Blue Mountains…one of my favourite places. First is the spectacular rock formation,The Three Sisters, at Echo Point,  Katoomba, made even more famous this week by a couple of very famous visitors. Those I photographed were just normal tourists, but still, I couldn’t resist capturing their enthusiasm and happiness. I wondered if some were honeymooners too. What  do you think?

The first series have very little editing. I did Sharpen and increase Vibrance using Photoshop and adjust Tones and and Contrast.


The Three Sisters

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2_3sistersTourists2_BWEB 3_3sistersTourists3_BWEB 4_3sistersToursit4_BWEB




 The second series I used PS Filter Gallery as well as Nik Color Efex filters.


PS Hue/ Saturation and Selective Colour changes. Magic Wand and Selection Tool to select and desaturate background. PS Photo Filter – Warm 85. Nik Color Efex = Photo Styliser.


PS Hue/ Saturation and Selective Colour changes. Magic Wand and Selection Tool to desaturate some areas.


Hue/Saturation and Selective Color changes. Magic Wand and Selection Tool (feathering) to desaturate all but clothing and hair. PS Photo Filter – Warming-85.


PS Selective Colour and Hue Saturation adjustments. NIk Color Efex – Indian Summer


PS Desaturation. PS Photo Warming Filter – 85


PS Selective Colour. and Photo Filter – Warming 85. Nik Color Efex – Glamour Glow and Pro Contrast. Increased Vibrance in PS.

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 This series was the most fun…lots of play.


Square Crop. Topaz Clean Filter. Magic Wand (feather) – Selective Colour to change white to cyan. Nik Color Efex – Photo Styliser.


Square Crop. PS Poster Edges. Nikc Color Efex – Polaroid Transfer.

Linking to Nature Footsteps Abstract Wednesday


Square Crop. Topaz Clean Filter – Cartoon. PS Selective Colour – change white to yellow and add red.



Combine two images. Play.

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Now it is over to you:)

Time to see your orange art – photo art, paintings, fibre art, drawings, sculptures -maybe even some installations. I don’t believe we have had any so far.

More information on Mandarin Orange Monday and how to join the linky list.

24 thoughts on “Mandarin Orange Monday 90

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  3. What fantastic weathering on the mountains. I like your filters and treatments, my favorite is the spiky grass and the railing. The couples are cute, too.

  4. Thanks for visiting me – I hadn’t kept track when you started back up (life is chaotic, because we’re buying a house about 7 hours away:) ) Have never been in the area of the blue mountains – beautiful! And as always your inventive uses for the color orange:)

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