Mandarin Orange Monday 89

1BannerandBadge2 copy

Don’t Ruin our Beautiful Botanic Gardens!

There is much talk and actually, proposals, to change and ruin one of my favourite places – one of many peoples’ favourite places – Sydney Botanic Gardens and its adjoining Domain gardens. Ruin it with buildings, permanent “sound shells” and …a hotel……  in fact, commercialise what has always been a very peaceful  and special place. I remember it as child, I remember it was the first place where my son touched grass….stretching out from his sheepskin rug, as a baby.

Already one side of it is is blocked from our view by  a huge building, known locally as “The Toaster”. Let’s hope our former Prime Minister, Paul Keating, can lead the way to having this development stopped.

Here are some pics I took on a recent visit. I have i ncluded  “The Toaster” wall too.

The first group are almost straight from the camera… just a little sharpening and changes in levels and curves.










I made several changes using Photoshop for the following series. As well as increasing Vibrance adjusting levels and curves, I also used tthe Selection Tool and Magic Wand to isolate areas. Next, changes with Selective Colour and Hue/Saturation.

1the-toaster-copyWEB2 2totheharbourWEB2 4Fireleaves_1-WEB2

67Orange&YellFlower_3-WEB2Linking to Nature Footstep Catching the Light



Photoshop’s Filter Gallery was next – Dark Edges and my favourite filter, Poster Edges.

9orangeflower-FLDR3WEB3 8Or&YelFlwr&BirdFLDR3WEB3

5fireleaves_2WEB4 10yellowflowerfldr4WEB4


And finally, playtime…using Topaz and Nix Color Efex filters.



TaosterPLayWEB 10yellowflowerfldrplay@WEB



So now it is over to you. Add your orangish pic to the linky list and let us all see what you have been working on this week. It would be nice if you visit each other too.

Newcomers… you can find out more about MoM here.

11 thoughts on “Mandarin Orange Monday 89

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  2. It makes me want to scream. Developers and their greedy land grabbing nonsense … no conscience about protecting the land and the beautiful gardens … pure greed. We are all at their mercy because our leaders are among them. So sad …

    You pictures are lovely except maybe the “toaster”. It doesn’t really belong there, but there it is! I especially like the group using the poster edges … I love that filter 🙂 I hope the people will rise up and save your beautiful gardens.

    Andrea @ From The Sol

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  5. I’m with you 111% on preserving the tradition of the Botanic Garden as a public institution and a very special place for all people to enjoy. Privatisation seems to be going crazy and nothing is sacred any more…

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  7. I love the lines in the leaves darkened and the flower ‘sun’ behind the ferry!
    Some people don’t get it about developing and ruining natural places….

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