My Night With Bruce

I rarely go to concerts – who could afford to??!! However, last month I went to see Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band with my son. What a night! I still can’t stop thinking about it and listening to his music. It was also a special treat to go out with my grown up son.Just the two of us. After the concert, as we were making our way through the crowds, he told me to hold on to his t-shirt and follow him! Talk about role – reversal:)

I took a quick sneak a pic with my iPhone…and decided to play a little.




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12 thoughts on “My Night With Bruce

  1. how wonderful to experience a special concert with your grown son! Had to laugh at the role reversal thing:) Fabulous digital manips Lori!! Are you back to doing MOM?

  2. oooo awesome! I saw him when I was about 13, the Born in the USA tour.. even though I was a weird kid and was addicted to Cyndi Lauper and Prince, it’s still one of the best shows ever. Nice photomanipulation! 😀

  3. Fantastic all round. Seeing Bruce, being with your son and producing these beautiful images! Many thanks for sharing them in the challenge – you have brought a new angle to the challenge with your amazing editing.

  4. My kids in their late twenties…love Bruce and went to McCartney and Springsteen back to back in one expensive week…. a Christmas present and birthday wrapped into one…they Loved both concerts so much….Bruce gives you ever dollars worth!! Glad you got to enjoy him with your son!! How exciting! Love the artwork around it too!!

    Hugs Giggles

  5. Looks like lots of us…and our kids…love Bruce. I agree…he does give us so much in his concert…what a performance! And what a man! 🙂

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