Mandarin Orange Monday 86


Recent Orange Gifts

This week is about some of the orange objects that  have been given to me by family and friends recently. And being an avid “op-shopper” (hoarder? collector?) a couple of things I have actually given to myself…I have to admit:) Orange makes me happy! I hope my collection makes you happy today too:)


1. Collage. Images as taken with adjustments using PS curves, sharpening and increased vibrance.

First, the orange card, with a special handle too, given to me by Matty, my grandson, for my birthday. There are more drawings inside- which my son and daughter-in-law contributed to…and on the back Matty wrote some addition sums. Just for me!

His  4th birthday is today:) Happy Birthday dear Matty x

The candle, with the most beautiful aroma, was chosen by my son, Michael. He followed its aroma into a shop while he was on holiday- it turned out to be an orange candle!

The roses were a surprise  present from my husband. They also had a lovely aroma.

Those two shiny orange bangles were given to me by my sister. She chose the top one especially for me for my birthday. Her husband noticed the lighter one underneath in an op shop while they were on holiday and said “your sister would love that”! So I was given two bangles!

The bottle I found in an “antique/collectables” shop in the Blue Mountains, while on a short holiday. And the dress…..well how could I possibly resist it??!! I call it my happy dress:)

I processed the images individually and used Collage Factory Pro to make the collages.


2. Collage. Images individually processed using PS Filter Gallery – Accented Edges.


Collage 3. Images individually processed. First PS Selective Colour and Saturation changes. Second Topaz Filters – Clean and Cartoon.


1. Rose 1. Processes same as in collage plus Topaz Clean – Cartooned. PS Filter Gallery – Poster Edges. Selective Colour and Curves adjustments.


2. Rose2.Processes same as Rose 1 except I used  Topaz Clean – Stylise Details instead of Cartooned. PS Poster Edges.


3. Bangles.Same as Rose 2. Topaz Clean -Stylise Details. PS Poster Edges.


4.Same as Rose 1. Topaz Clean – Cartooned. PS Poster Edges.

Linking to Nature Footsteps Catching the Light


5. Bottle. Same as above. Topaz Clean – Cartooned. PS Poster Edges.


6. Same as above. Topaz Clean (Cartooned or Stylise Details? sorry…I forget!) PS Poster Edges.


7. Umbrella. Same as above. Topaz Clean – Stylise Details. PS Poster Edges.


8. Play

Linking to Nature Footstep’s Abstract Wednesday

mom_badgewebAs always, looking forward to seeing your work.

Newcomers, you can find out more here – and welcome:)

22 thoughts on “Mandarin Orange Monday 86

  1. I love the interesting line in your orange collection, especially your grandson’s card, the bottle, and your dress. As to the digital alterations the one with the umbrella at the end is my absolute favorite. Blessings!

    PS – I couldn’t find the link, so you can find a photo of my cat with my orange Saltillo tile in the background, as well as 2 other crafts with orange touches.

  2. Your link is not available so like the person above I will leave mine in my comment and come back later to see if it has been restored.

    Your many gifts are marvelous and what you have done with them is a gift passed forward to all of us. I love the Topaz Clean effect. I assume that is another editing software that I don’t have … I should look into that. I am beginning to feel stagnant by only using PSE. But, then, you just have the talent no matter what you use and I love all of it. Great work, Lori, as always …

    Andrea @ From The Sol

  3. Sorry everyone! I made this MoM last week, knowing had a very busy few days ahead. And I was so tired last night after my grandson’s 4th birthday family dinner and my friend’s 70 th day time party yesterday! I went straight to bed without checking. It is fixed now though.

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  5. I love orange roses, and you really made it glow within in your treatment #1. I love the orange swirly bottle too, I don’t see orange glass very often. The final image of the dress is very artsy, too.

  6. Orange you a lucky lady! Wonderful collages! Orange is a rather cheerful colour. I have been noticing I like orange a lot better since I have “met” you here! I am using it more in my art and have noticed it more in the things around my house! Thanks!

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