Mandarin Orange Monday 85


It was lovely to see my old friends back and great to  see what people have been doing lately in their creative lives. Thank you for all your wonderful comments too, I really did appreciate them. It is nice to know there is such a community out there…and from all parts of the world too!

I am going to try to keep MoM simple for a while…ha! …we’ll see how long that resolution lasts!! Mandarin Orange Monday must remain fun …not only for me…but for you…fun, but also a sharing of our creative pursuits. I am afraid I was probably trying to do too much before…and that is why I took a break. As many of you, I am also working part time ( some of you full time! how do you do it??!) teaching little 8 and 9 year olds –  for the first time in years. Everything gets harder as you get older…but I really love doing it. I go home with a smile on my face….a tired one…but it is still a smile.

During my time away from MoM I  had three little holidays… just a couple of days for each one. The first was at the the beautiful Blue Mountains. Todays pics were taken at Govetts Leap Lookout.


1. Govetts Leap Lookout


2. Govetts Leap Lookout – a little closer.


3. Govetts Leap Lookout. Even closer.


4. No. 3 Orangified.


5. Govetts Leap. Looking down through the safety fence.


6. No. 5 Orangified and processed – PS  Saturation and Selective Colour.


7. No’s 4 and 6 combined. Nik Color Efex.


8. No 7 Played with….

Linking with Nature Footstep Abstract

Govetts LeapFence4Playweb

9. Final Play

Linking with Paint Party Friday

Techniques used were mainly default Photoshop, including Poster Edges Filter. I also used Nik Color Software  and Topaz Cartoon in one (can you guess which one?).


Once again, it is over to you. I look forward to seeing what you have been doing lately.

For newcomers, you can learn more about MoM here – but mainly – it needs to be your work, have some orange and be processed at least a little.

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