Mandarin Orange Monday 84


Mandarin Orange Monday is back at last.

I can’t believe the planned short break turned into such a long break…perhaps I will pretend it didn’t happen at all.  In fact I will! I am declaring this week Mandarin Orange Monday 84!

I hope everyone is well and I look forward to seeing my old friends – and their work – again:)

I have done very little digital work during this time…but I have taken lots of photographs which I will show you in the following weeks.

Todays pics are what I was working on all those weeks ago…I finished them today and  really enjoyed it. I had almost forgotten how much it is!

The pics show Manly Corso, taken  during our stay at Manly over Christmas. I was sitting on a bench waiting for my husband – looking up above me, down and just around  whoever happened to be passing by.


1. Manly Corso

2ManlyCorsobWEB _

2. Manly Corso – orangified


3. Manly Corso. Nik Color Efex.


4. Manly Corso – Looking Up


5. Manly Corso. Looking Up. Nik Color Efex.


6. Manly Corso. Looking Up. Multi Layers


7. Manly Corso – Looking Up and Across. B&W


8. Manly Corso. Looking up and Across. Orangified.


10.Manly Corso. Looking Up and Across. Multi Layered.


11. Manly Corso. Palm Tree


12. Manly Corso. Palm Tree. Orangified. PS Poster Edges


13. Manly Corso. Palm Tree. Photoshop play.


14. Manly Corso. Palm Tree…again 🙂


14. Manly Corso. Palm Tree. Photoshop Play


15. Manly Corso. Photoshop Play…again:)


Manly Corso. Finale. Multi Layers and Photoshop Play.

Linking with Nature Footstep”s Wednesday Abstract

mom_badgewebNow it is your turn:) You  can add a few if you like…since we are catching up!

If are new to MoM you can find out what to do here. There are also links to past Mandarin Orange Mondays here too:)

It really IS great to be back!!!

14 thoughts on “Mandarin Orange Monday 84

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  2. Its ABOUT TIME!! How dare you leave us so long!! LOL (psst i did the same 3mos!!) i found i went thru w/drawals!! I now say it was EARLY LENT! Now we are FREE!!! Good to be back and love visiting here very week!

  3. Thanks everyone… it really is great to see your work again. I will be responding to your comments soon…trying not to take too much on this time..maybe just reply to your comments for a while.Your work is wonderful! Inspiring! And making me wanting to get back into to it properly again. Thank you for that!!:)))

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