My Dream Destination

Inspiration Avenue’s Challenge for this week is “Around the World – if you would travel around the world which places would you like to visit.”

I travelled a lot when I was young but never reached the Nordic countries. This is now my dream…and maybe it will come true. My inspiration? Photography, music (Sigur Ros, Sibelius) crime fiction – both books,television series, films. I started with the Steig Larsson and then moved on to Henning Mankelll. Now just about everything I read is written and set in that part of the world. And who could not enjoy tv series like Borgen, The Bridge and  Wallander.

And of course my fellow bloggers from the north and their art have been the greatest inspiration of all.

NordicCollageFinwebLinking to Inspirational Avenue

My Favourite Sigur Ros song

9 thoughts on “My Dream Destination

  1. I’d like to go to Iceland too. To visit friends and see how their grandchildren are. But I think I’ll stay in Norway 🙂 At least for the time beeing. Last week we could see Aurora Borealis (Northern Light) even down here where I live. WHAT a sight. I’ve seen it before, when my husband and I “”toured Norway”. So if you get a chance, GO!
    All the best 🙂

  2. You are sooo lucky to have experienced that…from where you live even!!!!
    Reading it gave me goosebumps! And having friends in Iceland! We are hoping that we will actually go this year… Norway is on the list as other the other Scandinavian countries. It will be a dream come true:)

  3. I hear iceland is quite amazing and a big tourist destination these days. Did have an opportunity to go to Norway some years back. It is quite beautiful and I would like to go back there and to all those countries as well. Some day, eh. AS you know, we read the same things. xox

  4. Hello Lorik. Thank you for entering the challenge (second one I hosted). i like your artwork (and recognised few faces). Let me know if you ever come to Finland I can give you tips where to visit. We have such snowy winter now and last year I saw northern lights on our backyard:) they are always breathtaking.
    Love and light

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