Manly Harbour – Looking Down

Usually when I am walking along the foreshore path at Manly Harbour…shopping in hand…  I look out and across at the water and boats. Or perhaps at the many interesting people passing by – especially the backpackers. They remind me of my young backpacker days and I love seeing how happy are. This time I looked to the left, and down, lingering to take lots of pics. It was a good excuse to rest my weary arms too…  I had quite a heavy load of shopping (pillows, sheets, doona cover from Aldi) to carry back to the apartment.


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22 thoughts on “Manly Harbour – Looking Down

  1. Great shots Lori. I especially love the first 2. I love to stand on the bridges in London and look down – there is always something happening down there, even if it’s just a reflection. Thanks for linking in to the Up Down Challenge.

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