Creative Ambassador for this year was Sydney artist and musician, Reg Mombassa.

Sydney’s midnight fireworks centred on the Harbour Bridge last night. We could see just the tip top …but we had our own fireworks display from a balcony overlooking Manly Cove. We also peeked back at the televised bridge display at the same time… iPad in hand the whole time!

My iPad Pics

Not perfect photography but hopefully they capture the spirit of the  moment. The last photo I took from the  bathroom window – a little “peek” at a neighbour’s party. Imagine being able to have parties there!? I might add that we are “cat sitting”  here in Manly – how lucky are we?! Our Melody is also being “cat sat” – and safe of course. And now that we are “seniors” we are able to travel back and forth to our house, which is on the southern side of the harbour, by ferry and bus for all of $2.50 – lots of fun. 1frwrks8WEB 2frwrks5_web3Frwrks4WEB

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4frwrks6WEB 5frwrks_2WEB

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Congratulations to Reg Mombassa! What a wonderful work of art he produced. He said most of his art is quite small and he was looking forward to seeing in on such a grand scale. Wow!

I can’t resist adding these little snippets of trivia. Our sons were friends at school. I have heard stories about how Reg (Chris is his other name)  was known to pick his son up from primary school wearing underpants on his head:) Well, maybe it happened only once, but a good story!

And three years after I left art school, a  group of young art students formed the group Mental As Anything – at that very same school. If only I were three years younger:)

Have a wonderful 2014.

Mental as Anything

Dog Trumpet



Artist: Reg Mombassa

Happy New Year!

12 thoughts on “Happy New Year!

  1. A beautiful fireworks to start!
    Cute and fun year, I congratulate you on this wonderful post you share with us their magnificent photos ! Happy 2014 ! Leovi .

  2. that was cool. Thanks for sharing the video. I just love fireworks and would have loved seeing it. I went out to see the fireworks in my area but it is so spred out that it i hard to catch. But I got some good stuf I will post tomorrow.

    Wishing you a great 2014 with lots of great artwork.

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