Mandarin Orange Monday 74



And thank you everyone for being part of Mandarin Orange Monday. Not only do I enjoy seeing your work and getting to know you, but I also have found it has encouraged me to make art… no matter how busy, sad or happy  life is  –  I still have to make time for my orange art  and my fellow orange artists!

This week I am without my computer and had planned to blog using my iPad. I gave up. I am using my friend’s laptop instead. I really can’t get used to the track pad thing so I found an old mouse. You wouldn’t believe how long it took me to realise that is exactly what I needed to end the frustration.

I decided to choose a wide selection of your work – of paintings, photo art etc… I ended up with  160 images! And that was only going back as far as MoM#50. To simplify the job I grouped them into themes/subjects. Next week I will do the Nature pics. I apologise for not including your names but I am running out of time! It is now Sunday night and dinner isn’t even on!

Instead of using Photoshop  as I normally would, I downloaded a free mac application called Collage Factory  to make the collages. It really did save me hours.

So once again, THANK  YOU 🙂

And my apologies for not visiting everyone last week.


FiguresCollagejpgUrban collage jpg


I am opening the linky list a little early – less risky than setting  a publishing time for midnight!

Don’t forget to visit others to wish them a Happy New Year and if you have time take a look around their blog. If you are new to MoM, you will find some help here.

21 thoughts on “Mandarin Orange Monday 74

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  3. I also would like to thank you Lori for hosting this blog – I have grown to love color orange. You are doing a great job, and it is nice to see how we all change as artists as the year goes by…improvement at least on my part 🙂 Wishing you a successful and happy New Year. Warmest regards, Ritva from finalnd

  4. I just realized that I forgot to comment when I posted. I have to tell you when I first came over and saw all the little squares, I thought, OMG, am I a day late? Have all of these people posted before me? But then when I realized what it was I was thrilled … what a cool year end post. I don’t have a Mac or I would run right out and get the Collage Factory … This is really beautiful. Took me a while to recognize my own post … are you kidding? I really am an old Poop!. But at the same time I enjoyed looking at everyone elses posts again. I will look forward to the Nature posts next week. Awesome, Awesome, Lori … You never fall short of my expectations. In fact you surprise me every week. I have loved being your blogging friend … and next year,( as most good things get better with age), will be an even greater delight … Happy New Year!

    Andrea @ From The Sol

  5. What a great idea, putting them together as a collage. I, too, want to thank you for hosting this challenge each week. I love the color orange, and I love the creativity here. I’m wishing you a very Happy New Year.. Hugs, Edna B.

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  7. These are great collages. I just got my mom a new computer despite others in the family thinking she would like an i-pad. I knew she’d hate not having a mouse. Hope you figure out a way for the i-pad to work for you.

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