Cats and Christmas

I noticed that Wordless Wednesday’s theme this week was Cats and Christmas…so I dug through my archives for pics I took of my cat Melody some years ago. I used to make them into Christmas cards and sell them at craft markets. Those were fun days…but ohh…. those early mornings!


She couldn’t resist having a little play with the decorations.

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Here she really got the hang of posing properly.


She wanted to eat the decorations!

Linking to True Book Addicts’s Cat Thursday


She refused to wear the hat!


Looking most angelic… and an Australian Christmas theme this time.

9 thoughts on “Cats and Christmas

  1. Oh I couldn’t pass this up Lori … I love cats and I love your cat pictures. Your cats are beautiful and I love that at least one of them is orange … how do you resist turning the other orange (digitally, that is). I too have an orange and a gray cat so I should talk … I love them just the way they are as I know you do. Adorable pictures …

    Andrea @ From The Sol

  2. Actually I just have one cat…and she is orange….actually my third orange cat over the years. I digitally changed her to grey 🙂 I am about to cat sit a grey cat soon….so hopefully I will get some pics of him…if he keeps still long enough. My Melody sleeps all the time…but not this other one.
    Thanks Andrea:)

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