There’s a hole in the roof!

The old shed has a hole…in fact more than one. It is soon to be no more. No more holes, no more shed, not as it is now, anyway. This old shed was my first home.  It will soon become a new home for someone else.


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The hole in the shed made this circle of light on the floor below.

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4HoleinRoofWEB 5HoleinRoofbWEB 6combinSpotsWEB 7combinSpots_2WEB 8combinSpots_3WEB

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16 thoughts on “There’s a hole in the roof!

    • Thanks Laura. Actually it is the shed is at the house where I grew up. It still means a lot to me, even though I haven’t lived there for many years. My father lived there for many years.

  1. Your photos of the old shed are so interesting. I love the artwork you created for PPF. I like the swirls and movement, the designs and the colors. Merry Christmas!

  2. you always capture such great architectural/interesting shots to play with Lori. And those two bottom ones with the swirly lines and colors are fabulous! A very happy Christmas to you and yours!

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