Mandarin Orange Monday 72

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Once upon a time there were two little five year old girls named Lorraine starting school together ….. one grew up to be Lozza and the other Lori…. they both have grandchildren of similar ages now. And both love making photo art.

Lozza and I spent the day at the Botanic Gardens in Sydney recently,  armed with our cameras. We both must have taken at least 200 pics between us  and It would be impossible to count the number of words spoken. Of course the day started with coffee and chocolates at a cafe overlooking the harbour and the Opera House.  After all, we had much walking  ahead of us.

We  decided that we would do a collaborative Mandarin Orange Monday and set ourselves strict restraints. Choose only one pic each and process it with Photoshop three times.  Then I would choose one of hers and one of mine to combine and play with.

I admit defeat. I chose two photographs…but they are the same tree! I also did lots of variations but I did only choose three to show here.

I hope you enjoy the results of our fun day.

Lozza Pics


1.Yellow Flowers by lozza.


2. Accented edges and topaz adjustments by lozza.


3. Topaz Simplify and restyle -cartoon by lozza.


4. Repeat pattern 4 times and distort by lozza.

Lori Pics


5. Tree Trunk by LorikArt


6. Tree Trunk 2 by LorikArt


7. Tree Trunk 2.PS Filter Gallery – Poster Edges and Selective Colour. Topaz filter – Clean – Skin Even. Increased Vibrance. Adjust levels, curves. Nik Color Efex – Glamor Glow.


8. As no. 7 plus Nik Color Efex – Polaroid Transfer. and Glamor Glow. Selective Colour changes.


9. As above plus Topaz Detail – Fill Light. Adjust curves and Selective Color.


Linking to Nature Footstep Abstract

My combination of our pics


11. Flowers and Tree Trunk.Combination of 4 (Loz) and 10 (Lori) by me.


Now it is your turn. If you are new to Mandarin Orange Monday and would like to know more please read.

Otherwise, just post your orange art on the linky list below.

Thank you for all the art you have shared in the  past. I love discovering what is here and what you have said every Monday. I also do enjoy visiting  you, even if I am 5 days late doing so!

27 thoughts on “Mandarin Orange Monday 72

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  2. I haven’t even posted yet and I just have to comment. I love that you are running with the collaborative art idea. Both of you did an awesome job with your processing and the combinations are outstanding. I have to ask … I see a little elf in your tree, Lori … do you? And I am still chuckling over your comment on my post last week. It must have been painful for you to limit yourself to three. I knew exactly what you were saying because I think my poor old computer processes at half it’s normal speed because it is so loaded down with unused attemps at photo art. Some day I will publish a book of the unused and call it “Left Behind”. Now I must go post a few of my many attempts at MOM this week. This was a great post both Lozza and Lori … loved it!

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  5. I suddenly relized that I didn’t tell how much I liked this post.
    The tree trunk came out great an the blending is delightful.
    Have a nice day 🙂

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  7. I love both of your photos. My favorite version of the tree is #9. What a fabulously interesting tree! Your collaborative end result is really quite interesting. Great job ladies!

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  9. How fun to collaborate with an old friend. I liked 2 and 9 best, they bring out the quintessential flowers and tree. I see a heart in the tree knot. The blended images are cool too.

  10. Oh what a fun to walk the whole day side by side and take pictures both without speaking too much 😉 wish I had a soulmate like this 😉 totally in love with your transmissions and then the comination from you both! and my favorite one is the penultimate with its great texture ♥ Conny
    Piaroms Art Journaling

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