Mandarin Orange Monday 70

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My father’s shed is just about empty.. actually…my father’s sheds…there are two of them. Not much left now except  the cards… cards which he would have collected on birthdays and fathers days over the years…and sawdust.

I don’t quite know why he had bird cage hanging from the roof… there was never a bird in it…not in the shed anyway. And what was on those papers the wall?  They were in the little shed, the shed that was my first home while he built our house. There is more about that in my Boomers blog.


1. Sawdust


2. Sawdust. Nik Color Efex – Skylight Filter


3. Sawdust and Nail.


4. Sawdust and Nail. Nik Color Efex – Pro Contrast and Colorise filters.


5. Old papers on old shed wall.


6.Old papers on shed wall. Nik Color Efex – Skylight Filter. Increased Vibrance.


7. Bird Cage.


8. Birdcage. Black and White.


9. Birdcage. Nik Color Efex – Skylight Filters. PS Selective Colour and Hue Saturation changes.

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10. Birdcage. Section.


11. Card Mementos.


12. Card Mementos. Nik Color Efex – Skylight Filter.


13. Cards and Birdcage Collage.

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Welcome again to Mandarin Orange Monday. And thank you again for your wonderful art you have shared.

If you are a new visitor and would like to know more about MoM, please visit this page.  The main thing to keep in mind  is that it can be any kind of art, as long as orange is the dominant colour. If it is photography, edit your photo  a little or a lot! And have fun:)

18 thoughts on “Mandarin Orange Monday 70

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  2. My goodness, you do so much with so little. All of these precious items (except maybe the sawdust) lend themselves so nicely to your minipulations and colorization. Isn’t art just a wonderful thing … you, who has so much talent can take the simplest object and creat joy. I love it, Lori … Thanks for last week. Your post was wonderful.

    Andrea @ From The Sol

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  5. I totally understand the birdcage, we have vacated birdcages hanging in our shop.;-) You never know when you will have the urge for another bird…. or need to contain a small animal. I like the assorted art papers placed on the walls, a homey touch, and your filters are great as usual.

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  7. Couldn’t get to the comments yesterday night late, so here is my afterthought. Maybe the original plan was for the birdcage to be occupied? Kind of like the black and white. Have a great week!

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