Mandarin Orange 69

1BannerandBadge2 copy

A little rockpool for you today…near Manly Beach.


1. Rockpools. Sharpened and tones adjusted.


2. Detail of one rock pool. Square selection and crop. PS Selective Colour and Hue/Saturation changes.

Linking to Sweet Shot Tuesday


3. As above plus Nik Color Efex – Glamour Glow.


4. As Above. Plus Topaz Detail – Soft Looking and Feature Enhancement. Adjust tones and levels. Nik Color Efex – Indian Summer. Increased Vibrance.


5.Duplication and combination of layers. Play!

Linking with NF Abstract

And now for a little surprise.

Last week Andrea  of From The Sol and I noticed how good our two images looked together on the MoM linky.  So we decided to have some fun with them. Each of us has played with the two images..a combination of her pic and mine.

Our Collaborative Effort…Andrea and Lori

The starting points


Andrea’s image for MoM 68


My image for MoM68

Andrea’s combinations



3fabric-art-Lorik-5web 4Fiber-art-Lorik-art-1dd_edited-5web

My combinations


My Combination 1. My image cropped to shape of Andrea’s. and both images combined – Soft Light. PS Filter Gallery – Glass, 30%. Flatten and Equalise.


My Combination 2. As Above. Adjust tones.


My Combination 3. As Above. Plus PS Filter Gallery – Paint Daubs, Sparkle. Adjust tones, levels and curves. Selective Colour changes.


My Combination No. 4. As Above. Plus PS Filter Gallery – Poster Edges. Adjust tones and curves.

mom_badgeWEB-1 copyWelcome once again to Mandarin Orange Monday. It is actually MoM#69 today…I wonder if we will make a hundred? If you are new and aren’t sure about what to do please go here.

34 thoughts on “Mandarin Orange 69

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  3. Just want to let you know that I was able to find you on my friends computer and I love what you did with the artwork. I will say more when I have time … Tuesday. This was such a fun idea, Lori. I loved doing it and I love what you did with it. Hope your week is as bright and cheerful as your art work … Thank you!

    Andrea @ From The Sol

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  5. It’s amazing and inspirational what you can do with a tidepool photo and some filtering, I love the orange and aqua colors. The combination artwork is fascinating, with the swirls from nature and then adding more swirls and colors to give it so much depth and luminosity.

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  7. These are all so fascinating. However my favorites are Andrea’s first version, and your first version. What a great idea, combining two different pieces of art to make a new one.

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  9. Hi, I am not knowledgeable in making art magic in PS like many of you, but i guess there is art too in the natural form i post here. At least they are orange! haha!

  10. What a great idea, to combine your photos like that. Love what you do with effects and textures! I’m just beginning to explore those.

    Thanks for your comment, and for the follow! I’d “like” you on Facebook, but I’m the last holdout on the planet – not signed up there.

  11. Hello Lorik!
    How are you travelling? Can you believe we’re on the cusp of December?
    I thought you might like to know that I am hosting Reverb again this year. It’d be a privilege to have you join us.
    Everything you need to know can be found at:
    We kick off on Sunday and it is going to be AMAZING. Hope to see you there!
    Kat xxx

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