Blue Bits and Pieces

These are some of the tiny, little, bluish coloured glass bits and pieces that were in my parents’ aquarium. The aquarium lost its fish and water long ago…but these survived. They are now in a little green glass bowl in a sunny  corner of my sunroom. My grandson, Matty often likes to collect and examine them … and later I will usually find them somewhere like the microwave of his toy kitchen. Nothing like cooked fish for dinner Nanna Lori!

I wonder what he will think when I show him these pics tomorrow?


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21 thoughts on “Blue Bits and Pieces

  1. I am stunned … I always expect to find orange over here and today it is beautiful blue glass thingies. And what a beautiful set of pictures you have put together for your nephew … I hope he is old enough to appreciate them … I am guessing Auntie Lori is teaching him an appreciation for art. I love these photo paintings … what a breath of fresh air.

    Andrea @ From the Sol

  2. I have my versions cued to post already, just waiting for you to put up MOM. I have to leave for two days … I am going to help a freind that is having eye surgery, so if I don’t post before I leave, I won’t be able to post until the next MOM. If you want, I could wait and then e-mail them to you
    … My email address is accessable on my blog so why don’t you answer me there.


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