Mandarin Orange Monday 67

1BannerandBadge2 copyI was wondering just now why I haven’t posted since last Monday and more importantly, why I have not managed to visit people this week. And I am also thinking…why is it 8.30 Sunday night and I am only just beginning MoM?

This was my week…or what I can remember of it. Monday began with a little disappointment… usual play and fun with Matty today, we would have to wait until Tuesday.Only one more day:)  But then  I had an unexpected invitation to visit  Sculpture by the Sea, an event which is held  every year in Sydney on the coastal walk between Bondi and Tamarama. The artwork was exciting, the day was sunny (and windy) and the company was lovely. The picnic lunch brought by my friend was scrumptious…. and imagine sitting on top of a cliff looking at the most spectacular view of the ocean and coastline.


1. My Little Friend.


2.Hue Saturation – desaturated all but yellow and red.
Selective Colour – Increased Magenta in Yellow, increased Yellow in Red, decreased Cyan in Yellow.
Nik Color Efex – Colorize, High Key, Glamour Glow.

Unfortunately my camera battery died after only a few shots…and I tried, unsuccessfully, to take pics with my phone.  A strong wind on top of a cliff is not the best conditions for taking photos with a tiny iPhone.


3. My iPhone Disasters! I photographed my own hair! So I made a collage and played with Topaz Clean Filter.

Then I literally ran in the door and changed into my gym gear…no time to be nervous about The Return to the Gym. I used to be a gym junkie..but now was feeling like a self conscious gym stranger. It turned out to be not so traumatic after all….a  nice friend Mo I haven’t seen for ages to talk to and a chat with the warm and charming gym owner, Morris …all while I was exercising.

Tuesday morning…. little Matty, our grandson arrived. Who could not have fun and smile when a dear little boy like Matty runs in the door, literally jumping for joy.

The rest of the week included four doctors’ appointments (nothing serious), a visit to the solicitor (my Dad’s estate) with my sister and a very sad visit to the cemetery. I did manage another visit to the gym later in the week though!

Lastly, there was lesson preparation and a night and morning class to teach. I love teaching again…just casually, but I find it so tiring. I slept all afternoon.

However, I do have some interesting images to show you. I have selected a few from Sculpture by the Sea. I have used much restraint. I didn’t want to change other artists’ work, so in one case I merely gave it an orange border! And I have included pics of my dear friends who invited me along.


4.My Two Friends


5.Selection by Magic Wand. Desaturated all but Red and Yellow. Selective Color – Increased yellow in Reds. PS Photo Filter – Warm.

Later in the week I hope to put up more pics of the the sculpture. It really is worth visiting if you can…even if it is just a visit to the website.

So  I am really sorry if I didn’t return your visit this week… I thought I might manage it today…but alas… that isn’t going to happen.

One other really good thing happened this week. Brenda of 4ORANGE SAKE wrote wonderful words about Mandarin Orange Monday…an me:) Thank you Brenda, you really did make my day!!:)) Brenda regularly takes part in MoM and she makes the most beautiful photo art.


Foraging Stork by Brenda of 4ORANGESAKE.

mom_badgeWEB-So now it is your turn. Just add your orange art/photography to the linky list. It will appear on a new page. If you are new to MoM you can find out more here.

Sculpture by the Sea


6. The coastline looking towards Coogee.


7. Hue Saturation. Desaturate all but Red, Yellow Magenta.


8. As above. Add layers based on iPhone “mistakes” – my hair, stylised.


9. a to b. Artist FransescaMataraga


10. Orangified crates – Hue/Saturation and Selective Colour.


11. Happy Floating Dream Cloud by Kathy Allum


12. Increase Vibrancy and selected blue sky and changed to orange – Orange Fill.


13.Let your Palm do the Walking by Tom Blake


14. Selective Colour to whiten sand.Magic Wand to Select figure and Desaturate, Fill with orange – Color Dodge.

4flags1-WEB center by Carl Billingsley

Linking to Nature Footstep Inspiring Photography/Catching the Light




17. Select figure with Magic Wand and Desaturate. Nik Color Efex -Glamour Glow


18. Window. A long, boring wait behind many school children waiting at amenities block.


19. Window. Nik Color Efex – Colorize and Glamor Glow. Topaz Clean Filter – Curly details.


20. Selection of No. 1. Play with filters and layers (my hair)


21. More play with No. 21.

43 thoughts on “Mandarin Orange Monday 67

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  2. Are you sure you weren’t gone for a month … how could anyone cram so much fun into a weeks time. Your pictures are wonderful and tell the story of the week, except your teaching classes and exercise … will you be doing something with those soon? I would think gym equipment would make interesting subjects with a little orangification and art classes, well, they speak for themselves. I am glad you went to your father’s grave site … sad I know, but it helps you keep in touch with him in your heart and I know you always want to do that. This was a delightfully human post, Lori … enjoyed all of it 🙂

    Andrea @ From The Sol

  3. Thanks Andrea. Those pics were all taken within a few hours…but it was such a lovely morning. And..yes… what a good idea…taking my camera to the gym…might be tempted just to take photos though! When I first started blogging I felt like I was talking to myself..but now it feels more natural, because I know there are wonderful people like you out there who I am actually communicating with:)

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  7. So nice to have a nearby coast to visit, lovely photos. I can enjoy yours even though I can’t get to the beach. I do get to enjoy having energetic little boys around, though.

  8. So I’m new here… Have I got this right? You are a gym junkie, who has a wicked sense of humour and takes some pretty neat photos?! 😉 Of course I love the bird best!
    I’m more into yoga, my photos are real hit and miss, and that affects my good humour!
    Lovely to meet you, and thank you for hosting!
    Wren x

  9. Hi and welcome:) I WAS a gym junkie and in the process of trying to be again…. 3 times a week for 3 weeks here is hoping. I like what you said about a wicked sense of humour.. I often find myself smiling away while I am typing…maybe i do?! My favourite is pilates actually and I still do that a home. And I am definitely a photo art junkie :))
    Lovely to meet you too:))

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