Mandarin Orange Monday 66


Something gentle and pretty for this week…just what I need and maybe some of you might too. I love lace, good old fashioned lace, I have beautiful lace curtains in my lounge room and also my study, which is still full of books as well as my computer stuff.  I keep the blind up all the time so I can peek through to the sky and fill this room with light. Let’s hope my neighbour doesn’t end up destroying that too:(

So today is Mandarin Orange Lace..along with my, yes, orange cushions and old fashioned jarvi lounge which also has an orange floral print. A bit different to the adjoining sunroom which is full of crazy  finds and gifts!


1. Lace Curtain.As shot with a little editing – tonal and contrast changes.


2. As Above with increased Vibrancy and Saturation changes  (increased red and yellow). PS Highlights and Shadows changes
PS Filter Gallery – Poster Edges


3. As Above. Nik Color Efex – Glamor Glow filter 50%
Topaz Clean Filter – Stylised Details.


4.Select square and crop. PS Equalise and adjust Color Balance.
Nik Color Efex – High Key.


5. Repeat processes used in 4.


6. As shot with a little editing – tone and contrast changes.


7. Increased Vibrancy. Hue / Saturation changes (red and yellow)
PS Filter Gallery – Poster Edges. PS Highlight/Shadow adjustments.

Linking to NF Inspiring Photography/Catching the Light


8. Nik Color Efex – Glamor Glow Filter 50%.
Topaz Clean Filter – Stylise details. Tonal Contrast.


9.Select square and crop. Equalise. Adjust Color Balance. 


10. As above. Nik Color Efex – High Key Filter


11. No. 4 and 9  images combined as layers and flattened.


12. Variation of above (forget what I did!! but probably same as with others)


13. Combination. Play. Repeat of all processes used.
Selective colour – white transformed to cyan.


14. More play with both square images plus copy and paste of tiny portrait on wall of first pic. Transparencies adjusted on each layer. More play…..didn’t record what I did this time!!

You may have noticed a  little picture pinned (yes…pinned) into the wall!!… from the days when my computer used to be on that side) of my son. He was 15 at the time. I decided to use it to play with a little too.

mom_badgeWEB-1 copy

Welcome again to Mandarin Orange Monday #66. It is hard to believe that every Sunday (except one) I have been making orange pics for MoM for 66 weeks! But I do enjoy it and I hope you do too.

Newcomers, you can find out  more about the challenge here🙂

But really all you need to do is add your orange art to the linky list and hopefully visit a few other participants. Thanks again everyone for  being part of this challenge. I realise it is impossible to take part every week… I find it hard to keep up with the challenges I enjoy entering too. However, it is great to see you, always! I also  appreciate the comments and chat, I really do feel as if I am getting to know some of you:)

36 thoughts on “Mandarin Orange Monday 66

  1. LOVE LOVE lace…and your abode???? WOW so romanitc!! Sharing you and your blog on MY blog and introducing you to ALL of my writing friends in America!! It’s called GBE which means GLOBAL BLOGGING EXPERIENCE, It started long ago with an editor in a land called “MySpace” dating myself now I am!!! 🙂 Retired editors would give us a topic and we would have a week to “create” and its about 10 years later and we are STILL creating!! Today I introduce YOU to all of THEM!! And thanks again for inviting me to MOM!!!!! ((hugs)) When I am done writing and introducing you I will come back to leave you the link!! 🙂

    • I agree…it makes it a nice to room to sit and read in. I should do more of that here than I do! It is my favourite “relaxing” room..and I agree it is the lace that does it.

  2. I lived in an old Victorian years ago and had old lace for curtains too! You threw me back there!
    Pretty with all the variations!

  3. Sorry, Lorik, didn’t have much time this weekend to do the photo-editing for this pic, except for “balance.” Love your work on the corner with the lace curtain – so many feelings it evokes!

  4. I love lace curtains too. They have a soft romantic look to them. I think I like your #13 version the best. Have a great day. Hugs, Edna B.

  5. I’ve always loved lace curtains and have them hanging throughout my house-your play with the color, effects and lighting are gorgeous!

  6. Love what you’ve done here, especially with the warm lace curtains. Thanks for introducing me to Glamour Glow… really like the softness it produces. The photo of your son adds that special touch!

  7. Oh, gentle, soft, beautiful … just what I needed from you today. I love them all, but my favorites are 9,10 & 13. Your home must be wonderful, warm and inviting … even in it’s natural colors. The orange makes it artsy, and still warm and inviting. I may be feeling better already … 🙂

    Andrea @ From The Sol

  8. I love lace curtains too, your photo edits as usual are just amazing, bringing out the colors and textures in subtle ways. I also love floral patterns in upholstery, I like yours by the curtain, especially view 12, though the overlay with your son’s photo is interesting.

  9. I love lace curtains, too! Especially love them in the summer when the mild breezes blow through them. I love your different techniques and changes and additions. Thank you for checking out my site, also.

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