Halloween is gradually becoming more popular in Australia but  I still had to have help seeking out photo “opportunities”. My husband led me to a street where he said there were several decorated houses. The first one he showed me, to my surprise, was the home of one of Matty’s (my 3 year old grandson) friends! He had no idea.

First are some shots of her very creative halloween efforts.



Then I played a little…with the cobwebs… 4halloween-9bweb

Her neighbour had a jack-o-lantern, which I couldn’t resist despite the warning of danger!


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Finally  an abandoned  building which is rumoured to be haunted:))

6window-(1b)WEBLinking to Collage Obsession

15 thoughts on “Halloween

    • Yes, silly and also quite rude and pushy of them..don’t you think? Thanks for alerting me…. I wasn’t able to check yesterday…I didn’t even check my email!!

  1. I also love the two bottom pictures. In Sweden it is more common during the last year with Halloween. But this weekend many celebrate “All Saints Day” by lighting candles for the dead relatives’ and friends’ graves.

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