Spring Walk

Two years in a row I forgot to join in on Viltigvakker’s annual Bloggers Sunday Walk. So I went this morning instead ! My  images are a celebration of Spring.

The first is a house in my street. I think it looks so lovely with those tubs of pink flowers and the stripy awning. It is quite unlike all the other houses, which are mostly Victorian and Federation.


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Next around the corner into Callan Park and more splashes of colour. Jacaranda trees  are  blooming everywhere around Sydney at the moment.


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And how could I resist snapping this tree…I think I made it just a little more orange than it really is…

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Some very old stone steps… eucalyptus leaves everywhere.


And finally I was greeted with this graffiti….but it did make me smile.

13 thoughts on “Spring Walk

  1. Beautiful blooms of the jacaranda and that orange tree is my favorite!

    Thank you for your comments about WordPress on my blog. I had originally started out on WordPress.com but left because I could not join in on any memes as it did not allow Java Script. I did join a few but found it was so much work to get the links to work that I gave up.

    Are you on .org or .com? And when you participate in memes, how difficult is it to to link up your posts within the memes?

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