Mandarin Orange Monday 65

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A Memorial to Soldiers

An unusual, stark white building stands near the entrance of Callan Park, which was once the site of a psychiatric hospital. Certain sections, the buildings with peaceful views of the bay, once housed traumatised soldiers from both World War 1 and World War 2. I remember walking past and seeing the men sitting looking out at the water when we first moved to the area. It was a sad sight, but hopefully, they were being well looked after.

This memorial was built for them.


1. Straight from camera. Cropped.


2. Straight from camera image. Cropped.


3. Straight from camera. Cropped .


4. Straight from camera. Cropped.

Linking to NF Inspiring Photography/Catching the Light


6.Straight from camera. Cropped.


7. Photoshop Selective Colour Changes. Nik Color Efex – Glamour Glow and Cross Balance.


8. Photoshop Hue/Saturation Changes and Selective Colour changes.Photoshop FilterGallery – Poster Edges.


9. Photoshop Selective Colour changes and PS Filter Gallery – Dark Strokes (Vivid Light)


10.Nik Color Efex – Cross Balance. PS Filter Gallery – Accented Edges. Nik Color Efex – Polaroid Transfer


12. Topaz Clean Filter – Cartooned. Nik HDR Efex. Nik Color Efex – Bi Color, user defined.


13. Play. Combination of 4 and 5.

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Thanks everyone for your art last week. We actually had 50 this time! I had a busy week, so I apologise for being so late getting back to you. But I believe I did manage to visit everyone eventually. It is surprising..and sometimes annoying…how non art/blog parts of your life get in the way sometimes:) I must say that a lot of those times are good times too though and just make it fuller.  And it means only one post this week!

So, once again, welcome Mandarin Orange Monday 65:)

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17 thoughts on “Mandarin Orange Monday 65

  1. This is a heart rendoring story and pictures … I am reading a book about WWII now and my heart aches for what these men have gone through … and our souldiers today in the Middle East. I pray that man will find a way to solve problems without going to war … That said, as I look at the world we are living in now, we seem to be gettin worse instead of better. As for your art it is beautiful … even more so knowing what it is. I love what you have done with the textures of the buildings … it almost sybolizes the difficulties of the men who have stayed there. Love this post … very moving 🙂

    Andrea @ From The Sol

  2. heisann Lori!

    A good idea, have a walk today and join BSW … sorry for not being commenting so much lately. I try to do my best, but run out of time now and then… Have a nice walk ;:OD)

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