Mandarin Orange Monday 64

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Welcome to the world of orange again. This week, the world around here looked orange without much help from me…for tragic reasons. It is still early Spring in Australia and we are having devastating bushfires all over the state. We are experiencing hot summer temperatures unheard of at this time of year.

The closest fires are  in the Blue Mountains, where many of us have friends. Sadly,  houses have been lost… only one life so far, human that is,… but one too many. Can you believe that there are people who still think that global warming is not caused by human activity and therefore that nothing should be done about it!?!

As I write the sun has an eerie yellow appearance. Clouds of smoke drift across the sky..again. The photographs I am showing you I took on Thursday. It was such an unusual sight that people were calling each other to look at the sun….my sister rang…”Tell Matty!” (my grandson”. When I rang my son both he and Matty were already looking at it and telling me to look. And friends were sending pics on their phones. Friends on Facebook were reassuring each other that they were ok and prepared. That is the worrying part…

I hope it rains…NOW…but very hot, mid summer temperatures are forcast for the next few days.

I made two collages of shots I took..and I did take  took many! The only editing of the actual images was to resize and sharpen. Even so, the colour of the sun isn’t quite as vivid as it really was that day…it appears lighter and less orange/red in my original shots.

I then played with the collages…just a little. Using Photoshop I Equalized, used Selective Colour to make them more orange and then used Photoshop Photo Filters, orange and magenta. Finally I increased the vibrance.

1ressun_grid2web jpg

1. Collage of camera shots of sun. Cropped and sharpened. Photoshop place and resize.


2. Orangified collage.


3. Collage of straight from camera shots. Sharpened and cropped. Collage made using Photoshop.


4. Collage orangified.

There was one particular shot I liked best..looking through my sunroom window. I might add that this beautiful view and the light and pleasure it has given us for 28 years may soon be gone. Our neighbour, who has told us several times  that he “has always envied our view” wants it for himself and his partner. ! If we are lucky we will get a glimpse of the water and sky from a tiny part of the kitchen… We may end up  having a  big  wall as our view if the Council accepts their plans. Perhaps I should paint a mural on it ?


5. Straight from camera shot. Through my sunroom window. Sharpened and cropped.

Linking to NF Inspiring Photography/Catching the Light


6. Nik Color Efex Filter – Cross Balance


7. Nik Color Efex – Cross Balance and Pop Art Filters.
Topaz Filter – Clean – Cartooned


8. As above. Then copied and pasted and rotated using varying transparencies and Overlay.

Linking to NF Abstract


9. Sunroom Window View. Not only was it hot and smokey but also very windy.


10. Nik Color Efex – Glamor Glow and….sorry/// forgot to write down the other one!

I have just realised that some of my images today are similar others I have done in the past…and not just because they are orange. I suppose it must be that I am obsessed with my sunroom and view at the moment! I you don’t find it a bit boring this week.mom_badgeWEB-

So now it is time for you to show me what you have done!

Thank you again to everyone who visits as well as those who contribute their art to MoM:) And a special thank you for your comments.

If it is your first visit here..welcome. You can find out a bit more about MoM here.

I couldn’t resist this little addition 🙂

39 thoughts on “Mandarin Orange Monday 64

  1. I’m sorry to hear about all the devastation that has been caused by the fires. God willing no one will be hurt. As to your artwork, my favorite is the 2nd version of the collage, as well as versions 7 & 8 of the photograph. Stay safe, my friend. Blessings!

  2. As beautiful as your artwork is on these pictures, my heart breaks when I hear this kind of news. I too am greatful that the human toll is low, but a lot of critters of every kind have lost thier homes if not their lives. Yes, I agree … how can people believe climate change is a myth. I can tell you why they believe it … The corporate owned media sells it because they are supported by oil and coal companies who believe their profits are more important than human life and nature. As long as they get what they want … Greed is the word of the day 😦

    But back to your gorgeous photos … I love what you have done with them and my favorite is #8. I have always admired your view out of your kitchen … how can they build a wall … what is the matter with people? This whole post is depressing for me and I am not living it … I am sorry, Lori, for what you are dealing with.

    Andrea @ From The Sol

  3. Andrea…. I agree with you very strongly about media and big business. It has had a devastating effect on our lives here and will keep doing so. Do you know what one of our govt. ministers said the other day…that it was a dreadful thing to politicise a tragedy! i.e.. we should all not try to link these fires to global warming!

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  5. It is so sad to see the nature do as it does but I guess it is cleansing itself – and yes this is done by the socalled humans – I think there has been said all I wanted to say here dear Lori. Even in the Danish TV news we hear about it…. the good thing is that we have our ART and humor still through all this and we need to look forward 😀 – Thank you again for hosting this lovely colourful challenge. Hugs

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  9. I have been following the news about these horrific fires. Man sure has made a mess of the world, hasn’t he? Climate change is creating so much devastation. Hopefully, man will wake up before all is lost. I really like what you have done with your camera shots of the sun, and I love the view from your window. I would love to be able to look out over a beautiful pond. You be safe, and have a beautiful day. Hugs, Edna B.

  10. So sad about the terrible fires and the creatures who can’t escape.
    Of your wonderful pictures ( and I like them all, especially the sun ones because they are so unusual), my favourite is the second last sun one – just amazing with the glowing circle – and then the first with the pink suns, but it’s a hard choice. The “patchwork” ones would be marvellous for the current Soartful challenge (I know you have already made one for the challenge).

  11. oh what fun and inspiring photos Lori-I have SO much to learn and explore. Your view is so beautiful. I really hope you don’t lose it-I’d be heartbroken if it were me. If that wall goes up you def. should paint a mural on it 🙂

  12. Several years we have have had fires around us and every one of them creates trauma:( I also know a view is a lot of enjoyment (or grief). In the previous house I could see sunsets, and my kitchen window had a view of the mountains in the distance -and still after 4 years I miss it, so I understand your frustrations! Love your image of the sun with the tree in it the most -it somehow makes me think of Africa! You know I also have a wordpress blog? Jeannettestgermain (dot)wordpress(dot)com – still am trying to figure things out there:)

  13. It is so sad to see how much devastation there has been from fires this year, yours and over here as well. Lack of controlled burning here made the fires so much worse, and resulted in the tragedy of lost firefighters. I’m sorry to hear about your potential loss of view, that happened to my SIL on Puget Sound as well.

    Your photos are so beautiful, I particularly like the sun and tree with red highlights, 4th from the bottom. The eucalyptus trees are lovely, I miss them from when I lived in San Diego.

  14. As always, your orange art is wonderful. So sorry about the fires in your part of the world. We always suffer in the U. S. in the summer months. Yosemite in California had terrible tragedy this year as did Colorado and Arizona.

    My post this time is of cheery Jaipur puppets! No sadness there!

  15. Where have i been? Didn’t even realize you lived in AUSTRALIA??? and now reading about the brush fires 😦 You captured some interesting footage and the sun looks my moon!! Praying you stay safe and also your view isn’t compromised EVER! ((hugs))

  16. The fires are terrible. I´ve seen some videos on news-tv in Germany. Hope the weather will change and the fires can be put out.
    While the circumstances for your photos are so sad, your shots and editing are brilliant.
    Best wishes!

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