In the Shed for Forty Years

Regular visitors will know by now about the saga of the “The Sheds”. The sheds  we have been searching through and some of the discoveries my sister and I have made from our childhood and younger years. This was another surprise.

In my first year at art school we had a sculpture project. I think it was our first. It was definitely one I found exciting. We had to make or find a cardboard box, fill it with bits and pieces  and various forms of clay. Then fun, fun, fun….we had to mix a bucket of liquid Plaster of Paris – NO AIR BUBBLES! – and pour it carefully into the box. You can imagine the fun…you can also imagine how many leaking boxes we had. Masking tape is a great help, but even so…

Then came the next exciting part. We had to wait for the plaster to get hot…very hot..magic!! …and then cool down. When the plaster had dried   out properly  we started digging, digging with knives and bits of wire. It was so much fun!

Yes, we turned positive forms into negative forms…we made interesting holes. Next we got out our chisels and started carving, making edges and even bigger holes. Sometimes bits broke off! Frustration! This piece was obviously a practice one. And  a forgotten one. Until  40 years later when I discovered it under  a bench in the smaller, older shed which had been used for storage for all that time.


The block as I found it.








I am linking this post to Paint Party Friday and Creative Every Day….where you always find lots of interesting art. Also the black and white image I am linking to Black and White Weekend.

Since it is still October, it is also part of Blogtoberfest 13  Day 19 (yes… I have some catching up too do!)

13 thoughts on “In the Shed for Forty Years

  1. You certainly are creative. I just got as far as cardboard boxes and remembered the fun my kids had playing with them and in them. We would take them apart and masking tape them into little tunnels. Sometimes we would have a really box from an appliance. Hours of CHEAP fun. 🙂

  2. I love that sculpture…..what a find for all your hard work. Going through the memories must be tough too….but not this one….a diamond in the rough. I always love the digital enhancements!

  3. Dear Lorik, lovely post and story. Your sculpture looks impressive, you had to put so much work into it. Thank you for sharing your art and your story.

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