Blogtoberfest 2013, the challenge to post every day of October, is having a good effect on me.  I am being more creative, trying new things, entering new and some older (but unfortunately overlooked recently) challenges.

My discovery today is a MOO-MANIA Challenge.

The Moo-project for this fortnight is EYES. I love doing eyes. I did two new ones especially today. The first is my cat Melody who I have used often in my art jewellery  and the second are the eyes of my son and my grandson. I used only one pic of my grandson, just his eyes. His parents prefer that I only show his eyes, and I support that of course. My son, however, appears several times, as a two and a half year old, a little boy of about 8 years old  and as a young man in his late teens.


My son Michael at two and a half. We were on holiday in Tasmania.


Michael at about 8 years old.


Michael in his late teens…don’t you think he really does look like the musician he was and still is?


Grandson Matthew at two years old.



Michael and Matthew Eyes


Melody. Photo taken with webcam.



I am also linking this image to Creative Every Day


Melody is on her way to France today! At least, this Melody brooch is …probably flying in an aeroplane at this very moment:)


These Melody earrings are still here in my house..and in the LorikArt Etsy store of course.

Linking also to Creative Every Day!

ETsyBann_NOV2012_2 copy


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