Food Glorious Food!

On Father’s Day we went to a lovely Turkish cafe for lunch. It is a favourite of my son, his wife and little Matthew. This was one Father’s Day I was very happy to break the tradition of a family lunch at home since it was also a sad one for us.

Being a vegetarian..and also having a very strong reaction to more than just a little  garlic (horrific headaches) what else could I possibly do but order this scrumptious lunch:)!! I think I should have lunch there every day, don’t you? I might add that my son and his wife predicted this dish would be my choice!

This is Day 15 of Blogtoberfest 2013.

I am also linking to Collage Obsession – Creating Pattern, NF Catching the LightNF Abstract Wednesday and Creative Every Day.

Mandarin Orange Monday #63 is still open.



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Patterned Collage. Linking to Collage Obsession

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