Mandarin Orange Monday 63

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This is another side of Manly – the older and interesting architectural side. This apartment block was  built in the 1930’s and has probably housed holiday makers for 70 years.


1. Photo taken with my old faithful Pentax *ist DL camera. Edited using Photoshop – sharpened, contrast and curve adjustments. Increased Vibrancy and Saturation/Hue.


2. Photoshop Filter Gallery – Poster Edges. Increased Vibrancy and Saturation.


3. Photoshop Selective Color and Hue/ Saturation changes. Color Balance Adjustments.


4. Nik Color Efex – Tonal Contrast. Photoshop Selective Color changes (white to cyan).


5. Cropped – 16 x 9. Image placed onto larger canvas. Cropped section pasted a number of times, horizontally. Transparency of each level adjusted. Photoshop Color Fill (yellow), Faded Fill, Linear Burn. Equalize.


6. Photoshop Equalize again. Nik Color Efex Filter – Colorize.

Unfortunately too many of these fine examples of urban architecture are being demolished and replaced by high rise luxury apartments.


7. Demolition in Progress – very close to above building.
Photoshop – Tone and Contrast adjustments. Sharpened. Increased Vibrance and


8. Photoshop Filter Gallery – Poster Edges (decreased 50%). Selective Color and Hue/Saturation changes. Levels and tones adjusted.


9. Nik Color Efex – Tonal Contrast Filter. Photoshop Increased Vibrancy and Saturation.


10. Nik Color Efex – Polaroid Transfer.

I have progressively added changes to each of these images. For example, No10 is a combination of 7, 8 and 9 processes. Same applies to the flats above. ie. No 6 is the culmination of changes from 1 to 5. Hope you get what I mean!

15mom_badgeWEB-1 copy

So now it is time for you to add your Orange Art to MoM #63. I can hardly believe that we have been doing this for 63 weeks!! Thanks to everyone who has been involved….and evolved. Some people have begun to experiment too…it is fun just to let yourself go and see what happens sometimes. We all are inspiring each other to try new ideas.

Of course, it is also very satisfying to be able to produce a good straight from the camera photo…something I am still learning and many of  you are already expert in:)) Remember… as long as there is some kind of editing you can post your photograph here. It doesn’t have to be “crazy” or “abstract”. And remember too.. it doesn’t have to be Photo Art…it can be paintings, drawings, fibre art, sculpture …any sort of art.

And the best thing of all…it is really nice meeting so many nice people from all over the world:)

24 thoughts on “Mandarin Orange Monday 63

  1. That is a fantastic first picture and I really like what you have made of it too, number 3 looks good. Number 9 is fascinating also. Thanks for explaining how you change each picture, I find that very interesting.

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  3. I love old buildings … I wish we still had the patience to creat beauty in out buildings the way we used to … and your manipulations are fantastic. I have started trying to use some of your techniques … not good at it like you, but will continue to try. All of your artwork always leaves me in awe … Thanks Lori for teaching and sharing.

    Andrea @ From The Sol

  4. I like how you have been combining/overlapping photos in your last several posts. Makes for many more choices and compositions! Is the floral motif on the building tile or wood? Hopefully someone is recording the srchitecture before they tear the buildings down.

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  6. Old architecture has a genuine charm, so full of intricate design and history. Sad to see the changes in the demolition work but your photo transformations are treasures. #3 is brilliant, love the color choice. If the pattern were on fabric, I would wear it!

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  8. What a charming building, with the leaf sculpture and stained glass! I like your filtering, especially the one with the aqua accents, and also the final photo of the wrecked building, very artistic!

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  11. I am so sad, I missed it again….I´ve had no acess to the internet for 3 days…ggrrmmmppfff!!! and today the collection is closed…so amazing what you did with the pattern on the housewall! love the lil ships surounded the whole piece 🙂 and then the old crashed wall…it is my fav today…love the softness of it ♥ Conny
    Piaroms Art Journaling

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