Urban Lines and a Happy Face

These photos were taken with my iPhone. The first I snapped as I walked past a construction site at Royal Prince Alfred Hospital, Sydney, “The Chris O’Brien Lifehouse”, which is part the Sydney Cancer Centre and soon to be completed.

The other two images, were taken from my car (stationary at traffic lights!) a very busy Sydney intersection on Parramatta Road. One is of a building which has been “tarted up” and I think has become rather beautiful. The odd site was row  of  ibis birds on the top. You can barely see them…and there are only a couple in this pic. There were lots..but by the time I got my phone out they had disappeared..

Another day I was stuck at those same traffic lights, and was greeted by another surprising display. A lovely man smiling and waving to every one passing by. He is holding up a sign saying “SMILE” and and happy yellow smiley face on a stick. I know it is a little hard to see..not the best photo I have ever taken…but it was a moment I wanted to capture and share. I was on my way to my late father’s house and feeling down…this man made me smile. Of course I waved back and bipped my car horn!

I decided to play around with these images… and if you look carefully you can see the happy man in both buildings.

1RPA_2_WEB 3RPA_3aweb 4RPA_4sqWEB 5RPA_5bq-web 7smileymanweb 8RPA_4sandsmileyq-web 9bunnints3web 10bunnintsandSmiley4web

Since I did start this post yesterday, it will count as Day 11 and Day 12 of Blogtoberfest 2013😉

I am  linking to a challenge I have just discovered, while visiting Nature Footstep blog…Photoblog Challenges,Theme 41:  Straight Lines.

LInking also to the always very exciting challenges, Paint Party Friday andCreative Every Day.

4 thoughts on “Urban Lines and a Happy Face

  1. Love these, Lori, and you have sent your smiling man’s smile all over the world. What a pleasant way to start my Saturday. Love the artistic versions of the buildings especially the last one. Have a wonderful weekend …

    Andrea @ From The Sol

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