Mandarin Orange Monday 62


Some of you might remember that I have had many moments of nostalgia lately while cleaning out my father’s shed. I mentioned earlier that I found a stack of  my artwork from later years of high school and early years  of art school. Today for MoM62 I have featured an project I was given to do as a student…an illustration for a childrens’ book. And guess what colours I used  back then in the late sixties??

Besides a scan of the original illustration (poster paint and ink  on paper) I have included two straight from the camera shots of orange tiger lilies that were proudly sitting on my table recently. I did sharpen them though… how could I resist doing a tiny little variation.

The other images are a close up of the the illustration and a play with it and two digital plays with the flowers.

The final images are combinations of the the childrens’ illustration and the tiger lilies, using layers and both Photoshop Filter Gallery and Nik and Topaz filters.


1. Poster paint and inks on paper.


2. Isolated section from above illustration.


2. Digitally played with version of above.


4. Tiger Lilies. Shot straight from camera. Cropped and sharpened.


5. Tiger Lilies. Photoshop Filter Gallery – Accented Edges.


6. Tiger Lilies. Played with digitally…. and finally Nik Color Efex – Polaroid Transfer


7. Tiger Lilies. Straight from Camera. Sharpened.


8. Tiger Lilies. Photoshop Filter Gallery – Accented Edges.

Linking to NF Inspiring Photography/ Catching the Light


9. Tiger Lilies. Digitally manipulated. Nik Color Efex – Polaroid Transfer.


10. Childrens’ Illustration combined with Tiger Lilies. Background first removed from tiger lilies. Overlay. Flattened layers. Topaz Clean – Stylize Details. Photoshop Equalise – reduced, Linear Light.


11. Childrens’ Illustration and Tiger Lilies 5. combined. Transparencies adjusted. Screen. Flatten Layers. Nik Color Efex – Classical Soft Focus.


12. Childrens’ Illustration and Tiger Lilies 6 combined. Digitally manipulated…ie. played with!


13. Chlldrens’ Illustration and Tiger Lilies combined. Above image digitally manipulated again….more playing..


Welcome once again to Mandarin Orange Monday. It is hard to believe it is #62 already! I have been sitting here once a week for 62 weeks making orange pics….and so have many of you.

If you are new to MoM, there are only a few things I ask…. that it is your original artwork (of course!), that it has SOME orange …or a LOT….and that if it is a photograph that you have played with it in some way. There are many of the digital editing applications available as well as Photoshop. You may only have made small changes or you may have ended up with an abstract work.

I also love to see photographs of other kinds of art people have been working on… paintings, both large canvases and journals, drawings and illustrations, sculpture, art jewellery, fabric art….any kind of art in fact! And there is one absolute MUST…that you had fun)

Please try to visit a couple of other participants and I love to read your comments. Also I would be very happy for you to take a copy of my badge and display it on your blog.

Oh… and please link up to Mandarin Orange Monday.

Here you will find more information on MoM and a copy of the badge code.

 I apologise for the problem with the link up in the early hours of the morning last week….while I was sleeping. I woke to find that several people had linked up but there were no images and no names! I immediately emailed the InLinkz people and it is really amazing how quickly I got an “Don’t worry, it is not as bad as you think reply”. I had forgotten to check one of the boxes on the new inLinkz tool form.

30 thoughts on “Mandarin Orange Monday 62

  1. Love your last edit of the tiger lilies!
    My apology for last week’s entrance – I wasn’t able to transform my pic, because my computer was in the shop and no access to photoshop.

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  4. Wow, great visuell effects. This combination of photography and painting looks so good. . I also love the fresh and sunny colours.
    Thank you for your dear comment on my blog.
    Greatings from Germany

  5. I can barely get my pictures out of the camera and on to the computer. I might crop or brighten and sharpen them but that’s the extent of my creativity. You always amaze me.

    My Mandarin Orange Monday is of Indian women in colorful saris.

  6. The illustrations are so lovely and reflect my “grandlittle” world. Currently do book illustrations? Whether a little variation or lots, your work is so professional. I’m new to edging and I like the look, thank you!

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