Certainly not to be spoken to until after coffee and newspaper! How many of us are like that I wonder? My son used to retreat to the front verandah first thing in the morning…back in his younger, smoking days. Thank goodness he (and  I too ) no longer have that habit.

This photograph was taken with my old non digital camera. I developed and printed it the old fashioned way…but later scanned it and made some changes  using basic Photoshop functions, the first image that is. The other 5  I played with today..using Topaz and Nix Color Efex Filters.


Linking to 29 Faces Art Challenge, Paint Party Friday and Artists in Blogland Show and Tell.

19 thoughts on “Morning

  1. Dear Lorik, I like how your photographs present your internal universe, your life, yourself, your family and etc and everything is wrapped in warm colours. Beautiful. Thank you for sharing

  2. Nice set Lori! I know that “before coffee” look. I like very much the first two, it’s a great photo and these colors really conjure the gimme coffee feeling.

  3. Just this morning, my husband was wanting to talk about very important things before my first sip of coffee and it wasn’t working. This is a great photograph to begin with, and the variations are really interesting.

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