Mandarin Orange Monday 60


Flowers for this week…flowers for Spring….as it is here in Australia. I believe this is a native bush. Perhaps someone botanically minded might be able to identify it for us. I have tried to keep it simple by making only one change in each. But of course, I didn’t succeed. I gradually got more and more carried away and kept playing. This time I did keep track of my processes – all except the last which was pure fun.

I hope you enjoy them. I certainly enjoy your work.


1. Nik Color Efex – Classical Soft Focus


2. Nik Color Efex – Classical Soft Focus.
Photoshop Selective Colour -decrease Magenta.


3. Photoshop Filter Gallery -Ink Outlines.
Selective Colour -increase yellow in red, decrease cyan in yellow. Ajdust Curves and Levels.
Photoshop Filter Gallery – Poster Edges.
Increase Vibrancy.


4.Photoshop – Selective Colour changes – decrease cyan in yellow, decrease saturation of yellow.


5. As Above.
Nik Color Efex – Polaroid Transfer


6. As No. 5 Plus – Nik Color Efex – Detail Styliser (Stairs)


7. As No. 1. Section Cropped.


8. Abstraction 1.


9. Abstraction 2.


11. Abstraction 3.

1. Linking to NF Inspiring Photography/Catching the Light

6.Linking to NF Abstract

7. Linking to NF Blo-Ma

8. Sweet Shot Tuesday


It is time again to share your orange PHOTO ART or other ARTWORK (painting, drawing, sculpture etc).
Just add it to the linky list below.
Don’t forget to visit some other participants and leave a comment! And please link back to here. I would love you to add my MoM button to your site!

32 thoughts on “Mandarin Orange Monday 60

  1. Wow, what an interesting flower … I have never seen anything like it here. I don’t know what you poeple in Australia do, but you come up with some beautiful wildlife … and,of course, you only improve on it’s beauty, Lori, in many different ways. I agree, the last one looks like pure fun and it really turned out to be a beauty. I enjoyed this post, as always …

    Andrea @ From The Sol

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  4. Exotic looking flowers, a little like Grevillea. I like your #6 with the wild fractal look, and #9 with an abstract kind of look with the blurred focus and refined colors.

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