Nesbo’s New Thriller…Police I need to catch up on sleep.

I have just finished reading Jo Nesbo’s new book –  Police….and yes, I really couldn’t put it down and stayed awake reading far too late. It really is that exciting! So if you like crime fiction, you simply must read it. If this Norwegian writer  is new to you, make sure you read Phantom first because they are linked.

So for my 29 Faces Challenge contribution I have used a photograph of Jo Nesbo and the Police book cover as it appears on Amazon. I did try very hard to find the name of the photographer and the illustrator but wasn’t successful.


Jo Nesbo.
My source:


Book Cover: Police by Jo Nesbo
My source:

My Police/Nesbo artwork based on the above two images.

11 thoughts on “Nesbo’s New Thriller…Police I need to catch up on sleep.

  1. oh my…. I couldn’t find the “Like” button 🙂 – as this is to show that someone like your blog??.. ok I hush hehe… fantastic – I will try to find a book here with him as I like crimes… 😀 – What does this tell you???……………….
    Philip Philp also called PP is 66 years. He is a sober and sharp-minded man. Tall and sporty of nature. PP was a police officer all his life and now he is a retired criminal commissioner. He has been on the “Yard” the last 15 years before he retired. He wanted to stop early to work, (to live another kind of life) which was more of “Yard” as protesting especially his good friend.

    The reason he stopped before his retirement, which he said he wanted something more from life than just his job as he otherwise loved.He is a little crush on neighbour opposite the apartment facing, Mrs. Esther Dowling called Mrs. D colloquially. She participated in his clarifications on the cases as his best friend from “Yard” Gregory McCalish (46 years – a crime commissioner who loves his work) asked for help when there was crime in the region and in the district.

    PP’s stories takes place in the English village environment.

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