My Pirate Visitor

Which pirate came to visit me? Of course I offered him a cup of tea…and scones.

Apparently it is Talk Like a Pirate Day..well it was here in Australia when I made these pics and it is today in the US and other parts of the world. Lady D mentioned it on her blog earlier this week… and the only pirate I could think of  to honour ( and accept as a most welcome visitor ) was…..



pirate 6

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12 thoughts on “My Pirate Visitor

      • Its a pleasure dear Lori, what makes you think it don’t work on .com? it works everywhere.. and I can tell I too neglected it long time – but today.. I am so happy to have it as it save much time and I have the same features as if I had a free blog at wordpress… Have a great weekend 😀

  1. I know this pirate, as delicious as he is. I actually saw this post and drooled over it, but couldn’t figure out where to post my comments. When you get my age, you have “old poop” moments. But, I must say, he looks good in orange and pink (why am I not surprised that you turned him orange). Thank you for leading me back … can never get enough of that handsome face 🙂

    Andrea @ From The Sol

    • Knew you’d love it:) …since he IS so delicious! And I too have “old poop” moments….you can’t imagine how many I had transferring my site to wordpress… good for the brain though:)

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