Mandarin Orange Monday 59


This is Mandarin Orange Monday’s second week at WordPress and you can see that there is more work to be done and decisions to be made. One of the biggest problems with hosting Mandarin Orange Monday on WordPress is that my InLInkz linky list, which worked very well on Blogger and for which I received excellent support – doesn’t here.To see everyone else’s pics you have to click on the little InLinkz frog icon and are taken to a new page. I am not crazy about the layout of that page either. I hope visitors didn’t miss out on seeing all the wonderful work that was shared by people…literally from all over the world.

Some people said they would like me to describe the changeover and problems I had.. I will do that…but not until the muddle in my head is a bit clearer!

This week I am using a portrait again and will link it to 29 Faces Challenge. This time I have used a photograph that I didn’t take ….I wonder if  you will have guessed that when you see it?

I have not described the processes this time … I had originally intended doing images for 29 faces…and guess what?? They all turned out orange!  So no notes for me to refer to. I do know that  I used various Photoshop adjustments such as Curves and Levels and also used colour Fill and faded the fill using the options like Linear Dodge etc. I also used the filters Topaz and Nix Color Efex. I just played around in fact and had lots of fun. I hope you did the same.


Photographer: Unknown. Sydney 1960’s.






This last one I have added for Mariane’s Monthly  Challenge Your Own Edit


38 thoughts on “Mandarin Orange Monday 59

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    • If can’t do anything about it I will put MoM on a separate blog. That was my (one of my) original intentions anyway:) Sorry about it being annoying and thank you for sticking with it:)

  3. I am not unhappy with your change because I can still get to you and that is all that matters. I love your portraits … I had a bit of trouble liking them in the early process, but when you cropped in, the results are awesome. Great work as always, Lori.

    Andrea @ From The Sol

  4. Ok now I have tested inlinkz på min wordpress account and unfortunately I can’t get it right as it suppose to be – I might talk with the owner of inlinkz? and see what we can do because otherwise the idea with wordpress is kind of? nothing?.. do you have your own domain, Lori?… if you have I can help you with the technical stuff there.. as you might know I have a few blogs? thihi… well it IS bedtime for me now

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  8. Always s inspiring to see your digital play Lori.I especially love the two with the faces close up. For next week I’ll have another go at some digital play 🙂

  9. I just love what you’ve done with these faces…so creative. I’ve never attempted anything like that.
    My contribution this Monday is an ambulanzia in Venice, Italy.

  10. Your photo treatments are amazing! The little details that emerge from the filters are astounding. I don’t know how to do all those things. Maybe during the gardening off season I can work on that sometime.

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