29 Faces Challenge..Archie

Archie was my grandfather – my dad’s father in fact. He was born about 1880… a very different time. He died when I was 11 years old.

My memories of him range from the Violet Crumble bars that he always had on hand for us, the big sunflower by the side of his house  and the old wood fuelled fire stove. Oh, and  the piece of string that was tied to his back door! I wonder if you know what that was for?

Have a look at some other faces at 29 Faces Challenge.

3 thoughts on “29 Faces Challenge..Archie

  1. The faces of your grandfather are beautifully manipulated. He does look like a strong but gentle soul. Hmmm, I have no idea what the string would be for….Possible for children to pull the door open with??

  2. Love these! He sounds like someone I would like to know. And I wonder … was the string was to keep flies away? I had a grandmother that did that, but she also tied a bit of cotton to the string! 😀

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