Welcome to a brand new home for Mandarin Orange Monday – a new home for LorikArt in fact. After much hair tearing out and chocolate eating, I finally migrated to WordPress. I might describe those experiences in a separate post -but I will tell you my first mistake. There is and…I had no idea!

I have been working on quite a lot of faces lately, since I joined the 29 Faces Art Challenge – and it reminded me of how much I do enjoy “faces” or “portraits”. As a child I was always drawing faces, as a teenager it was myself or my current “crushes”…especially Elvis and my final major work at school was a  portrait. And yes, in case you were wondering, it was quite orange – in a sort of Baroque style. Unfortunately I don’t still have that painting because I gave it to my “subject” – my best friend’s brother who I had a secret crush on too:)

Todays pics are of my son, Michael, looking very dashing I think wearing the hat we gave him on his birthday last year. I hope you enjoy the orangified results.


Linking also to 29 Faces Art Challenge


Michael is a musician. An album that he wrote and produced is about to be released. I will let you know when:)



31 thoughts on “MANDARIN ORANGE MONDAY 58

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  3. I like your new digs … I love your new header and I love your son’s pictures … handsome boy that he is. He should use your artwork on his album cover … it would be perfect and I would buy it before I even heard the music 🙂 I don’t know what caused you to make this move … I have had thoughts like that often because Google can be a real pain, but I fear I would get lost in it all and never find my way back to a usable blog. So I just tolerate …not particularly happy about it, but don’t see a choice.
    That said … If I didn’t make myself clear, your artwork on your handsome sons picture is marvelous …

    Andrea @ From The Sol

  4. Love your orange-ifed photos! Congratulations on your move. I have been playing around with for several years, but have kept my blog on Blogger. Would love to know more about your move – how it went and why you did it.

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  7. is where you add your blogs to if they are for free – but has a plugin to use and you will get it from – if you have a domain of your own you download the plugin – they are actually one same thing but it when you have your own domain – paid for and want it to be a blog with all the features then as I said above you do this and going to get all the free stuff to your blog via – easy and simple?? it is when you know what to do sorry, Lori …. I have made 45 or a bit more blogs both free and paid for… so do you have any questions – go to or me? lol

  8. I like your opening artwork, interesting details. Your photo work on your handsome son is great, I like the purple and orange one and the orange ones at the end. I have a handsome son too, aren’t they great.

  9. Thanks everyone:) I might even show Michael these comments – I am sure they would make him smile:) And it is such fun to play with portraits! Ayala Art’s 29 faces challenge is a great inspiration for me.

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