29 Faces Challenge – September Day 1

This month I am taking part in the 29 Faces Challenge...let’s hope I can actually manage a face a day. My Day 1 face is that of my father when he was a handsome young man. Today in Australia it is Father’s Day:)
I got a little carried away by doing more than one version…but it IS one face. Obviously I didn’t take the photograph, but transformed it – into an expression of the respect and love that I will always have for my (late) father. I guess it is a kind of tribute.
Hopefully, I will do only ONE face and ONE image for every other day in September….otherwise I  would never leave the house! 
Don’t forget to visit other contributor’s faces.
My father – Victor, as a young man.

19 thoughts on “29 Faces Challenge – September Day 1

  1. Very nice. Very handsome Dad. I too plan on doing more photos than painting as there just not enough time in the day for everything we want to do. I "hope" to start tomorrow. Have fun. Great job on your dad's photo.

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