Mandarin Orange Monday 56

Mandarin Orange Monday this week is about my visit to Manly earlier in the week and a pleasant surprise. We were sitting watching the sea, relaxing, watching people enjoying themselves in the apparently not so cold surf, and children playing in sand when I heard someone singing. Of course I had to follow the sound ….and investigate. What I saw was a tent set up to look like a comfy kitchen  and a man standing singing quietly and playing guitar. A beautiful song, a beautiful voice – but odd seeing a dining room at Manly Beach! Beside the room was a caravan where pototoes were being cooked and – as read today in my morning newspaper – being given away.

It was The Hot Potato. I soon learned it is a group who are  travelling to various cities around the country to spread an awareness and understanding  of the problems refugees experience. Here in Australia, there is the added danger of drowning in unseaworthy boats headed for northern Australia from Indonesia…their second last stop after travelling from countries far away. And, tragically, many people have drowned.

The really big surprise was the next song I heard, probably my most favourite ever song (my husband says I always say that…but I am sure THIS one is IT!). It is called “Throw Your Arms Around Me” and was recorded and peformed by the Hunters and Collectors. Today, here, right in front of me, was standing Mark Seymour, who was their lead singer. They are no longer together as a band, but only a couple of  days before I read that not only was Bruce Springsteen returning to Australia (yes, I am a fan) but the Australian band Hunters and Collectors were reforming especially for his concert. I rarely go to concerts…. too expensive…..but I just HAVE to go to this…

He sang it beautifully, even though he was standing in a little tent in a howling wind. And one more “of course” – I had to get a “selfie”. I don’t think I have ever done that before, but since a young tourist asked me to take  his pic with Mark, I just had to ask him to do the same for me! I also filmed the performance with my iPhone – but I haven’t yet learned how to edit it properly. So instead I am including a couple of links to Youtube.

First THAT song.
And one of the recordings made on the day by the Hot Potato team.

And now the pics. First the view in front.

1.Girl Sitting on Steps at Manly Beach
looking over to Shelley Beach
2.Nik Color Efex – Burnt Siena. PS Linear Dodge.
3.Having Fun on Manly Beach.
4. Nik Color Efex- Burnt Siena
And now behind us.
5. Hot Potato Van.
PS Hue/Saturation and Selective Colour changes.
6. Mark Seymour recording for cameras.
7. Mark Seymour recording for cameras.
Hue/Saturation and Selective Colour Changes.
Increased Vibrance.
Nik Color Efex – Photostyliser
PS Photo Filter
8. Mark Seymour.
Nik Color Efex – Refector Effects
PS Warming Filter
Selective Colour changes (pink to orange)
Nik Color Efex – Film Effects
9. Mark Seymour Performing.
Nik Colour Efex – Old Photo
Add orange to picture on wall and clock (PS Fill).
10.Mark Seymour – Candid Shot.
11.Mark posing patiently for me ( I dithered!)
12.Mark Seymour.
Nik Color Efex -Graduated Neutral Density.
13. “Selfie”. Actually taken by friendly backpacker.
14.Manly Corso reflected in my sunglasses.
Nik Color Efex – Photo Styliser
Select and “delete” face
Topaz Clean Filter – Crisp Style
15. Nik Color Efex-Burnt Siena
16.Paste No. 4 into background.
Nik Color Efex – Color Photo Styliser
Topaz Clean Filter – Crisp Style
17As above Plus Nik Color Polaroid Transfer and Vignette.
PS Selective Colour Changes.
18.The Hot Potato 
Read more about The Hot Potato.
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20 thoughts on “Mandarin Orange Monday 56

  1. What a beautiful story and your pictures and music … you put me in a mood … I can't describe it, but it is a good mood. Mark Seymore is very like Bruce Springstein in his talents and in his commitments. What a blessing to have stumbled into this wonderful setting. Loved it Lore … it's a cut above …Andrea @ From The Sol

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  3. What a wonderful occurrence, to run into your favorite singer singing your favorite song… thanks for sharing. Your reflections in the sunglasses are great, and the filters/special effects.

  4. Wonderful captures; the both of you turned out great and I especially like the artist's song in the Hot Potato tent. How exciting to see the film and sound crew, too. It reminds me of my daughter's prop master work. The reflection in your sunglasses is over the top, professional work… maybe someday I can do that! (sigh)

  5. Seems you have had lots of fun! Love the pics from Mark, especcially the one with the big clock! thank you for letting me part of your wonderful trip ♥ Conny

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