Challenges – I tried so hard not use orange!

SoArtful Challenge – August – Maps (Pastel Colours)

A brand new challenge for me – SoArtful Challenge run by Marilyn, Peggy, Sherry and Wishin I knew how to blog.
The rules for this month – a map, pastel colours like light blues, greens, yellows, pinks and ORANGES! I did have to try very hard NOT to use much orange though:)
Gulf of Carpentaria Austraila _ Otto Petri 1859, Rotterdam.
Source  Wikimedia Commons

Grevillea Frond Basket handcrafted by
Fran, Darwin NT, Australia

Fly Screeen Critters by Coleen Klein.
Handmade at Humpty Doo,  NT, Australia

Both were gifts from my friends Angela and Chris of Manual of Intent.  They brought them back from their travels of the Outback of Australia, a place I have yet to see except through the window of a train.

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12 thoughts on “Challenges – I tried so hard not use orange!

  1. My dear, you should always use orange–and lots of it. It makes you happy…and for what it's worth, it make me happy too.The world so needs little flashes of orange brilliance !

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