Morning Glory – Nuisance Vine or Pretty?

Last week I mentioned that my father’s mandarin tree had been overgrown by a troublesome vine – well here it is for you to see. It does have a nice name though, and perhaps could even be considered to be quite pretty.

 I have tried very hard, once again, to avoid using my favourite colour. I almost succeeded. But of course, lots of orange coming up soon for Mandarin Orange Monday.

The “nuisance”vine, Blue Morning Glory, which was threatening to take over my Dad’s backyard.

Bonnie’s Photo Art Friday 

Bonnie’s pdpa Sky Love texture

Incorporates Bonnie’s pdpa Sky Love texture
Incorporates Bonnie’s pdpa Sky Love texture

24 thoughts on “Morning Glory – Nuisance Vine or Pretty?

  1. It's ironic how you took what was a nuisance to your father's tree and transformed it into a piece of beauty. I believe my favorite one is the pink and purplish bloom with the orangey background that you posted at Artists in Blogland. Blessings, my friend!

  2. Nuisance Vine? I plant Morning Glories because they are beautiful and there are many good places for them (albeit not on a Mandarin Orange Tree). But, just look at the beautiful art you turned them into. You should just move them to another place so you can have them around to use in future artwork. Great edits Lori …Andrea @ From The Sol

  3. Thank you so much for this fabulous edited photos, and your comment. Monday or Saturday is not a problem! I read them with pleasure 🙂 So many of us cling to our blogs, and enjoy contact to the world, as I have been doing.❀~wieczoramatische greetings~❀

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