Mandarin Orange 52 … One Year Old! A giveaway too!

Imagine that! Mandarin Orange is one year old. So to celebrate ….we have….MANDARINS. These are not just ANY mandarins, but mandarins from my father’s tree. I bought a little mandarin tree in a pot for him as a birthday present many years ago. Actually,  I think he wasn’t too happy about it at first, but soon became used to the idea of having deliciously sweet mandarins once a year. In later years it became a little sad, overgrown by a pest vine – despite the “efforts” of the gardener.  But now, this year, for the first time in some years, it is almost back to its full glory. My sister and I will ceremoniously share the first one picked – probably one of these two that I photographed.

So …special celebratory Mandarins for Mandarin Orange Monday!

Read below pics

for information on this special giveaway.

Photo  1.
Shot with my  very old (apparently) Pentax ist DL SLR –
which I bought 7 years ago.
Plus my new macro lens  – Sigma 70mm Ex DG.

Nik Color Efex – Polaroid Transfer. 

Nik Color Efex – Photo Stylizer. 
Photoshop Filter Gallery – Poster edges. 
Photoshop filter Gallery – Poster Edges.
Color Fill. Fade Fill, blend Soft Light.
Topaz Simplify – Sketch Color.

Photo 2.
Nik Color Efex – Polaroid Transfer. 
Topaz Clean – Cartooned.
Accented Edges. 
Topaz Clean – Cartooned.
Accented Edges.
Topaz Simplify – Cartoon.
Nik Color Efex – Photo Stylizer
Photoshop Photo Gallery – Poster Edges
Nick Color Efex – Polaroid Transfer
Topaz Clean
Photoshop Selective Color
Fill Pink – Fade – Photoshop Blending Vivid Light
Topaz Clean – Stylise
Topaz Clean – Cartooned.
Nik Color Efex -Colorize.
Photo 3.
Nik Color Efex – Polaroid Transfer.

Topaz – Fill Light
Topaz – Stylisze Details
Nik Color Efex – Saturatiion Stylizer
Topaz Clean – Curly Smooth
Photoshop Gallery Filters – Poster Edges.
Combine two images – change proportions and transparencies.
Photoshop Equalise
Nik Color Efex – Bi Color Filter
Photoshop Blending – lighter colour
Crop  square
Photoshop Filter Gallery – Ink Outlines. Curves and levels adjustments etc.

 Combine two images from above  (?)
Copy and paste, rotating and decreasing transparency with each rotation.
Photoshop Blending – Lighter Color amd Color Burn.

Crop  Above image. Photoshop Find Edges. Adjust Curves etc.
I started off with a very simple system of documenting my images and the processes I used.  There are three photographs with I edited.  First I sharpened  and adjusted tones of each.
The second version of each I used Nik Color Efex – Polaroid Transfer. Next group I Used Nik Color Efex – Photo Styliser and the following group Photoshop Photo Gallery – Poster Edges. Then Topaz Clean Filter – Cartooned and Accent Effects. Finally Topaz Simpify – Cartoon and Topaz Simplify Sketch Color. Finally Topaz Stylise Details, Nik Color Efex – Saturation Styliser, Curly Smooth followed by Photoshop Poster Edges.
The last three are the result of combining images, copy and pasting rotating, then varying the transparencies, equalising in Photoshop and then back to Nik Color Efex – Bi Color Filters.
I am going to stop there  because not only will you be confused by now, but I am too. At least that will give you a general idea of the processes. The problem with documenting is that you have to stick with what you have got – not change your mind and redo images – which is exactly what I did. As well as delete a few too. 
I will try now to simplify by adding a caption to the images which explains a little of what I did.  I am afraid that is the best I can do. You will all understand how easy it is to lose yourself in what you are creating, in fact almost entering “another world”. I guess that is what art is about – an not just the visual arts either.

 And to try to make things a little clearer, in summary, I used Photoshop CS6, PS default Filter Gallery and two sets of add on filters, Nik Color Efex and Topaz.

To celebrate the first year of Mandarin Orange Monday I have having a GIVEAWAY.

What am I giving away? 
Any item from my Etsy shop valued at $A25 or less.

What do you have to do?
1.Submit an image on Mandarin Orange Monday linky list.
2.Write a comment on this post (as you often do anyway)  and also tell me what item you would choose if you won.
3. So I know for sure what it is you want, please include the link to that item.

How will I choose the “winner”? Using’s “True Random Number Generator”.

When will I announce the winner?    Mandarin Orange Monday #53

Where is my Etsy Shop?

LorikArt Etsy


38 thoughts on “Mandarin Orange 52 … One Year Old! A giveaway too!

  1. lol, you had fun for sure. See what you can do with a couple of mandarins. I hope it will taste delicious when you share them with your sister, remembering your father. Many great artwork, hard to pick one. 🙂

  2. lol, congrats to the One year of MOM. I did take a quick look at your etsy shop. Lots of nice things in there. 🙂 Taking a look at pricez it turned out the the system shows the value in Swedish crowns. 🙂 Clever software, isn´t it. I have to recalculate to get your $, giggling

  3. CHEERS for the celebrations !! I love visiting you always and who would not like to have a goodie from your Etsy shop …well given a choice i would love to have the owl pendant

  4. Oh, how blessed are you to have your own Mandarin Orange tree … they all look good enough to eat. Your progression of different treatments is a joy ride. I love them all and I love them more as they get more and more artsy at the end. So Congratulation, Lori … this year with you has been pure pleasure. As for the give away, there are several and I had a hard time deciding, but I chose the cat with the green eyes broach ( I may have to come back because I saw things over $25. that I liked. Guess I should pay more attention to The Etsy Shop while I am blogging :)Andrea @ From The Sol

  5. Congratulations. With the first year.Nice work, as always.Have a terrific week.Mormor

  6. WOW .. We actually start at the same time?? – I had a one year anniversary on my Far Away blog thihi.. CongratulationsI love the way you descriped your process with your images – I love that – I get ideas sometimes from you so this is a superb place for all to learn something.I love all your editings but the last three is touching my heart – They are great – I love the one where you have used ALL editing filters too 😉 -. Thanks and congratulations againMy contribution is to find here

  7. Such luscious mandarins … and I enjoyed the fun overlays. Congratulations on the 1st Anniversary of MoM … here's to many many more playfully orange celebrations.No only does your creativity shine in your photography but your jewelry is fun as well. What a generous offer to select a piece from your Etsy shop! If I am so lucky … I would enjoy wearing:Cat Eye Pendant Original Wearable Art – "" or "Cat Eye Pendant . Cat art pendant in green, black and grey with turquoise."Have a blessed week ~~ becca

  8. CONGRATULATIONS and awesome fruit with photo effects labeled! I have always liked the blue and orange color combo so it's difficult to choose between the lovely pink and blue necklace and the gorgeous orange bracelet, thank you. Beautiful work, Lori.Have a great year ahead!

  9. Congrats on completing the first year of Mandarin Orange Mondays :-))Love all your experiments with the mandarin oranges. Some really cool ones there. I'm visiting your page via 'NF Catching The Light'

  10. Lori- Congrats for a year! Another great set of fun and colorful work! I especially like the one with the soft look of the 'Photoshop poster edges with the color fill and soft light' and also the next one with the Topaz simplify and sketch color- thats my favorite- the last ones are cool with the layering.If I am chosen Id love to try your hand painted orange earrings

  11. Congrats and Happy MOM Birthday! My link today is more apricot orange than mandarin but I have been away for several weeks and I just wanted to be back!! LOLPretty stuff on your Etsy page but I don't really need anything at the moment… and postage to the US is frightful so I am just happy being a contributor here. Thanks!

  12. Love those mandarins! My favorite is – Photoshop filter Gallery – Poster Edges.Color Fill. Fade Fill, blend Soft Light. – since it looks like a watercolor painting!If I somehow managed to win your drawing I'd love to have the Apricot Orange necklace in honor of the weekly orange challenge. Congrats to you on your challenge reaching its first anniversary!

  13. And then I remembered that I do have photos of the orange daylilies in my Mom's garden!!! So I could link and get into the draw for the give-away!!!!

  14. Congrats to one year of joy and fun 🙂 I have missed this post, but your photos are off the hook! Love when there is the dark blue involved 🙂 ♥ Conny

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