Seagull on the Beach…Your Own Edit

Seagulls are everywhere at Manly. If your’e not careful they will even take your fish and chips while you are eating them. I once had one take a chip that was already partly in my mouth!! But they also are beautiful as well as annoying. And kids just love to chase them too.

This seagull was just having a  little paddle on the harbourside edge – bothering nobody and looking very pretty.

I have used him for two challenges. Today he appears in   Your Own Edit hosted by Mariane. I say “appears” but actually, he almost “disapears” in this one.

Your Own Edit Challenge

 You must use the following four brushes below in some way in your artwork.

The seagull has almost disappeared….
So I played some more….

9 thoughts on “Seagull on the Beach…Your Own Edit

  1. Wow oh wow oh wow, Lori they are all so great I am in doubt which one to choose – thihi… as I love them all – Super great work and thank you so much to be with our challenge in Your Own Edit…. Thanks a bunch 😀

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