Mandarin Orange Monday 51

The Walk to Shelley Beach – Rock Watching…mostly

As you walk along  the pathway to Shelley Beach there is such a beautiful view of the coastline of the northern beaches. There are the surfers, the walkers – people from all over the world, children on scooters and even the occasional reptile. It is hard to decide where to look. I often look down at the rocks, just below the pathway. One day I might even clamber down to get some closeup shots. I have included a couple of shots that aren’t rocks .
One is  a yacht  that was moored in the bay but was rocking violently in the heavy swell – perhaps the people on board were divers. I was wondering how they could stay on it for days on end without getting seasick.The other is a  view through the old wooden fence that separates the path from the rocks below. But mostly you will see rocks….which gradually change colour!

The first series is almost straight from the camera – with a little sharpening and adjustments of curves and levels in Photoshop.

The next three images were processed using Photoshop –
Selective Colour and Saturation changes . 

Photoshop Photo Colour Filter.
Photoshop Magic Wand to select sea area and Fill. Fill faded – Vivid Light.
Photoshop Filter Gallery – Poster Edges. 

I used Nik Color Efex Filter as well as Photoshop 

adjustments in the next four images.

Mostly Topaz and Photoshop Adjustments

As well as Topaz I used PS Filter Gallery – Poster Edges –
and Nik Color Efex – Sunshine in this one

The Finale 🙂

The Original Photo
Saturation-decreased all colours except red and magenta.
Selective Colour – Red, increased yellow and magenta saturation
Yellow, increased yellow and magenta saturation and decreased cyan.
Hue/Saturatioon – Increased yellow and red.
PS Warming Photo Filter
PS High Pass Filter – 40% overlay.
Duplicate layer – PS Filter Gallery – Accented Edges.
Flatten Layers.
As Above. Crop Square section.
Selective Colour  – Whites to Cyan
PS adjustments – curves etc.

As Above. Duplicate layer.
 P S Filter Gallery – Accented Edges, 20% transparency
Flatten. Equalise. Fade Equalise 40%.

As Above. Nik Color Efex – Polaroid Transfer.

As Above. This image combined with the one above as layers. Layers rotated. 60% Colour Dodge.
Selective Colour – Increase Yellow in Cyan.
Increase Vibrance.
I hope I got all that right. My notes are sometimes – always – hard to follow. My handwriting is terrible and…… who knows why….. But generally, I tried to limit some to Photoshop only, others just to Topaz and others Nik Colour Efex.

You may have noticed I even managed to post two times this week – in addition to Mandarin Orange Monday. Maybe I can keep it up….maybe not…we’ll see. Time is a problem ( other stuff gets neglected !) but it does mean that I have been creating a lot more art! That surely cannot be a bad thing.

Thank you all for your supportive and encouraging comments last week. Thank you also for sharing your art – in its many forms.


25 thoughts on “Mandarin Orange Monday 51

  1. I love your beach shots, Lorik. I haven't been to a beach in a couple of years, so I miss them. The alterations you did in the rocky areas make it look like abstract paintings. My favorite are the last two, with the greens and oranges. Blessings!

  2. Your rocks and shoreline are beautiful and I, too, fear for the small boat rocking in the surf … but what you have done with your artwork has taken the fear out and replaced it with trance and serentity … beautiful work Lori …Andrea @ From The Sol

  3. Lovely shores and the water is so clear. The rocks are fantastic and the editing is superb. Thought the linky displayed my photo this time but apparently not, sorry.

  4. Fabulous beach photos and photo effects!!! I have so much to learn 🙂 Can't wait for my beach vacay next week. I too will be looking for some shots to play with!

  5. hey, you were supposed to link up to catching light. If I´m not blind you forgot it. 🙂 lovely scenery you worked with this time. Love it and the softness of the one to Catching light.

  6. I do love manipulating photos – and I can see that you do, too! It's such fun! When it comes to nature, though, I often end up choosing the most natural .. often, but not always!!

  7. Oh I landed on your spot again? – thihi.. good thing can be even better don't you think? – I did admire your images transformering through photoshop I use both photoshop and corels paint shop pro (very cheap but oh so great to use) depending my mood of course – ok back to my admiring 😛 – I love the way you make it look like not painting and yet not a photo the last one is my favourite – Thanks again for sharing.. I have one new editing here at this place where I probably put all my editings at last care, will you?

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