Shelley Beach and Me – Up Close

Mandarin Orange Monday 51 – coming soon – will show this little walk – also up close. The walk starts at Manly Surf Club ( northern end of beach ) and wanders around the rocky cove of Fairy Bower, until you arrive at the beautiful Shelley Beach. These pics show only a tiny section – up close – since I am still having fun with my new macro lense. And me.

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I tried SO hard not to make them orange…..

21 thoughts on “Shelley Beach and Me – Up Close

  1. Oh, I'd like to have these stones to my mandala :-DYou made it beautiful abstract artwork. I like it very much.Next monday I am in a little summer vacation, but the next one I'll come with this interesting challenge. I put You mark already to my site.

  2. Whoa Lorik! I think if I ever saw these shells/stones I'd fall over in awe! They look like the flower soft or like petals from a small flower on a mountaintop! Never did I ever imagine something like this existed. You have given such a gift with your excellent photography skills to capture such magnificence and put it on your blog. It is absolutely magical. Thanks so much for that! HeArtfully Yours, Samara xox

  3. Lorik,I am afraid if I saw that patch of blues and purples, shells and rocks on the beach, I would spend the whole day sifting through them and photographing them also! I love beach combing! I really like the effects of the photo that you are sending to Paint Party Friday, it looks like the shells and rocks are under water!

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