Love Birds

I was standing on my friends’ balcony, camera in hand (with new lens) decided what to photograph. And along came a bird. And then another. And this is what happened!

The shots aren’t perfect, some are out of focus – but I couldn’t resist posting all seven of them – in order as they happened.

BTW – they are Lorikeets:))







29 thoughts on “Love Birds

  1. I just love it when being at the right place at the right time happens! What amazing birds! What fun! I like how your edits emphasize the texture of the feathers! I really like the sepia and green image, motion and texture!

  2. Wow Lori, Lovebirds they are awesome – and the colours are amazing.Thank you so much for taking part in our challenge "Your Own Edit" 😀 Great series of photo and editings – Splendid!!!

  3. Totally magnificent..lovely to see these gorgeous birds interact…not only are your beautiful action-shots fabulous…but the art you have created from these dancing souls…so beautifully it in the stunning.they are all magical…pure art!Visiting from SOCVictoria #11

  4. o dear, what an event to start your new equipment with. Love the sequence. And your editing. In particular I like the NF Abstract one. And the 5:th one. This is new for you I think. 🙂 And welcome to winged. I´ve prepared it and will post when I wake up in the morning.

  5. I have mentioned it before but I think I will do it again – you did so great job by using all 4 brushes from "Your Own Edit" – I might give you a trick? – sometimes try to make the blend mode as "Dodge" you see that some of the brushes are made so there will be a more effect on the image when you do that 🙂 – Looking forward to see the new one you make – It is going to be put up at latest Saturday night at +2 GMT :)Could be earlier if I am busy with something else. Have a super Friday mor……errr… Saturday morning :)( )

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